Smile 2: fear returns to music, to scare pop star Skye Riley [bande-annonce]

Crimes yes, but always committed with a smile!

With its horrific suicides carried out with a wide smile on their face, the concept of smile was effective enough to startle horror movie fans. Following its great success in theaters and on VOD, at the end of 2022, Parker Finn quickly got approval from Paramount to shoot the sequel, and after some viral photos and videos of pop star Skye Riley (played by Naomi Scottthe interpreter of Jasmine in the live version of Aladdin by Guy Ritchie), like her name displayed on the huge billboards from Los Angeles, here is its first trailer.

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Exit Susie Bacon, it is therefore the young 31-year-old actress who is at the heart of Smile 2also surrounded by Lukas Gage ofEuphoria and new Road House. She therefore embodies this singer who is very successful with young audiences, which implies a multiplication of visions of horror once affected by the curse of smile

The studio plays the musical promotion card to the fullest, also offering to subscribe to Skye Riley's various platforms, presenting this fictional character as a true singing star. His title “Blood on White Satin”who can be heard in this trailer, has the right to his own making-of, filled with Insta stories and behind-the-scenes photos from the tour.

To see more, go to the cinema from October 16.

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