Simone Ashley wants a Bridgerton spin-off about Kate and Anthony [exclu]

The English actress, who appeared in a few scenes in season 3, explains to us why she intends to return to the world of Bridgertons in the years to come. And not just to pass a glance. Meeting in Monte-Carlo.

PREMIERE: We find Kate and Anthony several times throughout season 3 of Bridgerton. How have they changed since season 2?
Simone Ashley
: We discover how they experience their marriage. Much of the dramatic tension between them is now dissipated. They have both matured.

Was it fun returning to the world of Bridgerton without being the star? Or a little frustrating?
It was quite nice to have a little less pressure, that's for sure. But I also loved being the center of attention in season 2. It was an exciting challenge as an actress.

The last time we see Kate, she is giving Colin advice about his marriage. And she tells him that she and Anthony don't have the perfect marriage that everyone imagines…
But no one has a perfect marriage, right? It does not exist. This is the reality of life. But at the same time, imperfections allow us to bring out a form of truth. And then Kate and Anthony's relationship was not born from perfection. The circumstances were far from perfect when they fell in love and they managed to move past it.


Do you want to come back in season 4?
Absolutely ! I really hope Kate will be… But for now, the discussions I've had with Jess Brownell (the showrunner) are secret (laughs). We talk a lot together about what's next for Kate. She asks my opinion. She has a very collaborative way of writing the series. It's quite rare in this environment. I give her ideas, I suggest things for Kate and she really listens!

Is there anything more to say about Kate and Anthony?
Yes ! Absolutely ! Many other things. I even believe that Kate and Anthony deserve to have their own spin-off, derived from Bridgerton. I don't know if it would do, but I would love it. This world is so big and these characters are so deep that there is plenty to explore about them. I don't want to give too much away, but I think there could be several seasons to come about Kate and Anthony!

Simone Ashley

You seem to have the same determination as Kate. Do you share any character traits with her?
Yes, little by little, I began to understand that we were both quite similar. She is very ambitious and competitive. She has an iron will. And I'm exactly like that. But I'm less close to the Kate from season 3 I must say. She is softer, more jovial…

You were able to congratulate Jonathan Bailey for his role in Jurassic World ?
No, but I did when he was cast in the new movie Wicked ! I sent him flowers. He was delighted!


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