Shaleen Bhanot very happy for Daljit Kaur’s new life, reveals meeting son Jaden

Daljit Kaur and Nikhil Patel are getting married today. The couple enjoyed their pre-wedding function a lot. Photos and videos of Mehndi, Haldi and Sangeet events went viral on social media. Daljit was earlier married to Shaleen Bhanot, but they separated due to bitterness. However, they are now maintaining a friendly relationship thanks to their son Jayden. Shaleen Bhanot was recently asked about Diljit’s marriage. The Bigg Boss 16 fame revealed how Diljit will take care of Jayden when he leaves for Kenya.

Shaleen Bhanot reacts to Daljit Kaur’s marriage

Shaleen Bhanot was asked in an interview, are you going to get married? On that, Shaleen said that she wished Daljit good luck. He says he prays to God to shower her with all love, care and happiness as she embarks on her new life. “I love Diljit and Jaden so much,” he told ETimes.

Daljit Kaur will take care of Jayden after marriage

After marriage, Daljit Kaur will move to Kenya, where her husband Nikhil lives. When asked how he will meet Jaden as the distance between them widens. Shaleen says that Jayden isn’t making much headway. It will be only 5-6 hours away from him. She is willing to travel and visit Jayden whenever possible. The actor shared that he will travel 2 hours to the city to meet his son and hence, it is not a big problem. Shaleen says that most importantly, Daljit and Jayden’s life is going to be perfect. Shalin Bhanot also said that he will be shooting on March 18 (the day of the wedding) and thus did not plan to attend the wedding. He adds, “My show is my duty right now and I want to give my 200 percent to my Bekabu show.


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