Shaitan Movie Review: This Shaitan is breathless

Movie – Shaitan

Producer – Ajay Devgan Films

Director – Vikas Bahl

Starring – Ajay Devgan, Jyothika, R Madhavan, Janaki Bodhiwala, Angad Raj and others

Platform – Cinema Theater

Rating – two

Shaitan Movie Review: In the trend of remakes of South movies, the film Shaitan which released this Friday is a Hindi remake of the Gujarati film Vash. Hindi cinema has done very little well on the supernatural genre. Ajay Devgan's name was attached to this film, so the expectations from this film were high. However, this film also had the potential to be a supernatural thriller. The first part of the film keeps us engaged, but the second part completely derails the story and the weak climax makes the experience of the film even worse. This film remains a weak film.

The story of a father who saves his family
Talking about the story of the film, the story of the film revolves around Kabir (Ajay Devgn) and his family, in which he, his wife (Jyotika), daughter Janhvi (Janki) and son (Angad) live a happy life. One day, the family is on their way to a farm house for a vacation when they meet a stranger (Madhavan) on the way. How the lives of Kabir's daughter and son are in danger in this meeting of few minutes. This is the story of this movie. Can Kabir save his family from black magic? This story follows.

Advantages and disadvantages of film
Talking about the story and screenplay of the movie, this horror genre movie based on a day scares you, makes you uncomfortable and even angry in its first part, but after the interval the trouble starts. The second part feels like a repeat of the first part and the climax of the film remains quite ordinary. There is no logic there either. The film could not answer many questions. Madhavan's character's background is told in just two lines, which weakens the screenplay. Madhavan mentions his daughter in the beginning of the film. Whether he had a daughter or not. The film does not answer this question either. The dialogues do justice to the story. Music and camerawork play the most important role in a horror film and this film has certainly incorporated these aspects effectively in its film. The soundtrack of the film is well done, making you feel the fear, helplessness and tension of the characters. Talking about songs and music, they do justice to the story. The cinematography has to be appreciated. Starting from the location of the film, many scenes create an atmosphere of dread, even a crocodile made of rubber conveys the dread of the atmosphere.

Shaitan Starcast Fee: Ajay Devgn is charging many times more than R Madhavan, you won't believe it after hearing the fee.

Strong performances by Madhavan and Janaki

Talking about the acting, this is Madhavan's film. He has succeeded in angering and scaring you with his performance till the first half, but in the second half his performance is also weakened by a very weak screenplay. Apart from Madhavan, young actress Janaki who plays the role of Janhvi has also given a strong performance. He also played the same role in a Gujarati film. In her character she sometimes looks like a scared and helpless girl and the next moment she manages to scare you with her acting. Ajay Devgan plays his role well, but the weak screenplay does not do justice to an actor of his caliber. This is also seen in Jyotika's character. His character also lacks depth. The child actor has done justice to his role.


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