Sean Hannity: Democrats have difficulty digesting Biden

Fox News host Sean Hannity called out President Biden on Monday about his upcoming student loan bailout, despite the Supreme Court's previous ruling. He questions its fairness, saying it would be a “massive transfer of wealth” from the working class to college graduates.


SEAN HANNITÉ: Challenge the country's Supreme Court. Choose which laws to enforce, not enforce. Lie to the American people by pretending the border is closed and secure when it is not. Lie to the American people and tell them to never tell your son, your brother, or anyone else about their foreign trade deals. Interesting, the life of Joe Biden.

If successful, it will represent a massive transfer of wealth from Americans who did not go to college to 30 million people with college degrees, including those who attended graduate school. They are the ones who signed to repay the loan. Not the rest of you. And in case you're wondering, there is no income limit for this round of student loan forgiveness. In other words, a welder. Maybe you make $60-70,000 a year, or you'll soon be paying off the student loans of a tenured sociology professor, for example, who makes $250,000. Does this seem fair to you? Is this the definition of fairness? Meanwhile, colleges and universities are winning. No matter what, Joe will never hold them responsible for rising prices year after year. Because it turns out the whole middle-class Joe act was also a big fat lie. Today, even some Democrats are having trouble digesting Joe Biden.

Privately, most Democrats have been frustrated with Biden for years. Remember, Obama himself looked down on Joe and warned: “Never underestimate Joe's ability to handle himself.” In 2016, Biden was passed over to succeed Obama despite all his [Hillary Clinton’s] glaring problems. Even Hillary Clinton, at the time, was considered a better choice than Joe. In reality, very few people actually like Joe Biden. It's clear that his family isn't telling him the truth that retiring would probably be a good idea. He was a horrible president for this country. He's in over his head, always has been. And he's trying to get out of it, get re-elected, by giving away your money and smear Donald Trump and lying about abortion and calling Republicans racist and sexist and whatever other names they call them, conservatives and Republicans.

But Democrats will lie a lot over the next 210 days because they can't run on their failed record.


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