Savi will fall in love with Ishaan

Ghum Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein: Shakti Arora and Bhavika Sharma starrer 'Ghum Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein' is one of the top shows. His interesting story is getting a lot of love. The TRP of the show has also been good. In the recent episode we saw Ishaan and Savi getting closer. The Bhosle family hates Savi and wants Reva to be Ishaan's wife. Reeva is also very insecure now with Savi. She fears that she will lose Ishaan forever. Ishaan marries Savi because Harini wants him to do so. Harini is in a coma and Savi decides to leave Ishaan after Harini recovers. However, Ishaan and Savi's life has started to change. Both have come close to each other and the audience is finding this twist very funny.

Savi has started loving Ishaan
Ishaan had taken Savi out for dinner, but he got a call that Harini's life was in danger. Ishaan and Savi rush there. They come to know that Harini's doctor is in another hospital for surgery and there is no electricity in the hospital where Harini is. The hospital staff informs Ishaan that Harini needs dialysis within 15 minutes or she may die. Savi was devastated to hear this.

Ishaan will take Harini in his arms
Ishaan decides to shift him to another hospital, but the staff tells him that it is impossible to take him in an ambulance as a minister is admitted to the hospital and the entire hospital is surrounded by people. In the upcoming episode we will see that Ishaan will pick up Harini in his arms and take her to another hospital.

Savi will decide to spend his entire life with Ishaan
Ishaan will succeed in saving Harini. Savi will embrace him in this happiness. She will thank him for saving her sister. Savi falls in love with Ishaan and decides to spend his life with her. However, Reva is not happy with Ishaan and Savi's closeness. She will decide to separate them forever and will plan to end their marriage with the help of Akka Saheb. Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein stars Sumit Singh, Vijay Badlani, Vaishali Thakkar.

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