Sausage Party Bouffland: Fat and Indigestible (Review)

The series is no more successful than the 2016 film. The hyper-regressive anal humor also has its limits.

No need to make a big deal out of it: Sausage Party has always been thought of as a big, fat, severely spicy farce. Some may find the cocktail exquisite, but let's face it, it is fundamentally very indigestible! The 2016 film already did not do things by halves and the series Sausage Party: Bouffland – which comes out today on Prime Video – follows this same heavy recipe.

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We find Frank and Brenda and their friends. Food has rebelled and defeated (?) humanity. Tins, packets of chips and pots of mayonnaise are now trying together to build their own “food” society. A utopia of total freedom where it's mostly about… orgies. Sausages are stuffed into hot dog buns while an orange gets its stem licked by pickles: food has won its freedom so the sausage party turns into an orgy. But a big rainstorm comes to drown the euphoria. Very quickly, food understands that to survive in the world, it will have to form a society…

Sausage Party: Bouffland thus sketches a vague reflection on living together and the very political question of democratic determination. How to choose a leader? Suffice to say that the series uses these questions as a pretext for supermarket comedy. The annal face of Seth Rogen – not his brightest – resurfaces in spectacular fashion. A sense of libidino-rectal humor imprints each sequence with such fervor – the whole plot boils down to the fact that one can control others through the anus – that it becomes impossible for Sausage Party to draw sympathetic or even interesting characters. These anthropomorphic food heroes are mired in an exhausting X-rated sauce, which is content here and there with a few pop-cultural references and a desperately limited societal satire. Without imagination, without creativity, the chef Seth Rogen leaves us hungry.

Sausage Party: Bouffland, in 8 episodes, to watch on Prime Video from July 11, 2024.


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