Sarath Babu never wanted me to give cigarettes… Rajinikanth shares a special moment with his friend

Sarath Babu passed away at a private hospital in Hyderabad on Monday. This actor left this world at the age of 71. Several members of the Tamil film industry including Kamal Haasan, Suriya, Karthi paid tributes to him. Rajinikanth was among those who spoke about the late actor. They had worked together in several films and Rajinikanth said he had great respect for her. He also revealed that Sarath wanted me to quit smoking and that he should not smoke in front of him.

Rajinikanth and Sarath Babu were good friends

Rajinikanth also shared that they knew each other and were friends before they became actors. He said the late actor always had a smile on his face and was never upset. Sarath Babu was admitted to Hyderabad’s AIG Hospital earlier this month. According to several news reports, he developed sepsis, which affected his organs and put him on a ventilator.

Sarath used to scold Rajinikanth over cigarettes

Talking about his friend, Rajinikanth told PTI, “I have never seen him serious or angry. You all know that all the films I did with him were huge hits – Mullam Malaram, Muthu, Annamalai and Velaikaran. Sarath had a lot of love and affection for me. He always scolded me for smoking and told me to quit for long life. If he saw me smoking, he would light a cigarette and grab it and put it out. So I thought I would never smoke again. In front of him.”

Rajinikanth and Sarath often assisted each other in films

The Tamil actor also recalled how he had helped her score a pivotal sequence in the 1992 film Annamalai directed by Suresh Krishna. He said, “In Annamalai, there is a crucial scene where Rajinikanth is taking Sarath Babu when their friendship turns sour. He had to do a lot of retakes because the emotions were not coming through. He gave me a cigarette and then I felt good. And the technology was approved. He Always advised me about good health but not anymore.” Please tell that Sarath Babu made his acting debut in 1973 with the Telugu film Ram Rajyavas. He was last seen in the Tamil film Vasantha Mullai this year. The actor will be cremated in Chennai on Tuesday.


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