Sahiba played Holi with her son Akira

Teri Meri Doriyan: The audience is witnessing a lot of twists and turns in the serial Teri Meri Doriyan. Recently there has been a 6 year leap, then the story has changed. Angad and Sahiba are separated and lead a new life. Daljit has entered Sahiba's life and Angad is with his family. Sahiba has a son and Angad does not know about it. There will be a new twist in the show.

Latest episode of Teri Mary Doria
Angad expresses his feelings for Bebe in the latest episode of Teri Meri Doria. He tells that Simran was being tortured by some bad guys and he can't see it. Angad says whoever will trouble Simran will not spare her. Manveer remembers when Inder asked Angad to take care of Simran. Angad says his mind wanders when he sees tears in Simran's eyes. Angad tells his mother that his family's safety is the most important thing in his life.

He remembered Angdal Sahib
In Teri Meri Doria's track, Angad misses Sahiba and earlier she lets a stranger approach her, who will be shown breaking her family. Now he will not make this mistake again. Bebe tells him not to think too much about all this and to relax. On the other hand, preparations for Simran's birthday are going on at home. Simran asks Angad about attending her birthday. He says I will definitely be a part of it. Gary says Angad would do anything for his family.

Teri Meri Doriyan: The Leap to Come in the Serial, Future Story Will Be Like This! Angad-Saheb's life will change

Sahiba and Akir played Holi
Meanwhile, Sahiba and Daljit see Akir playing Holi. Akir threw watercolor on his mother Sahiba. Sahiba forbids him, but he does not agree. Akir pushes her in the tub of water and wishes her Happy Holi. Akir also pushes his father Daljit into a tub of water. All three play Holi with each other in the tub. Biji takes their picture and prays to God that no one notices them.

Find out what has happened in Teri Meri Doria so far
By now you must have seen in Teri Meri Doria, everyone in the Brar family is excited for Simran's birthday. When the flame feels lonely without a flame. Jasleen and Manbir ask her not to say that. Simran returns home after playing Holi with her friends. Angad has revealed the secret to Manveer that he beat up some of the boys a lot. Manveer questions his actions and gets angry with him. Although he expressed his views later.


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