Ruhi will have an argument with Armaan

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is the most loved show. The series has taken a big leap just a few months ago. After that the new star cast entered. Samriddhi Shukla and Shahzada Dhami replaced Harshad Chopra and Samshita Rathore and played the roles of Abhira-Armaan. Pratiksha Honmukhe played the role of Ruhi, in contrast, Abhira and Armaan got married, but it did not go according to their wishes. Both had to get married to fulfill Akshara's last wish. Ruhi loves Armaan, but is actually his sister-in-law. In the recent episode we saw that Abhira met with an accident and Armaan took care of her.

Abhira and Armaan are in love
Armaan is slowly falling in love with Abhira and when she is in the hospital, he takes full care of his wife and stays by her side until she is discharged. Now that she is discharged, Armaan is taking care of her like a perfect husband. In today's episode we see that Dadisa refuses to perform Abhira's aarti as soon as she comes home. On the contrary, she taunts that it brings trouble to Poddar's house. Later, Armaan is seen making noodles for Abhira. Ruhi comes and asks for help. However, Armaan refuses to take his help. He says that Abhira only eats noodles made by him. Ruhi then says that she should not suffer Abhira. Now she will be seen in the role of villain in this serial.

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Will Ruhi marry Manav?
Meanwhile, Madhav gives Sanjay a nice reality check. A heated argument ensues between them, in which Madhav says that Sanjay is choosing greed between family and greed. Everyone was shocked by Madhav's speech. An argument ensues when Sanjay refuses Armaan to take care of his wife Abhira, who recently met with an accident. In the upcoming episodes we will see that Armaan will also let Ruhi decide whether she wants to marry Manav or not. He says Manav is good for him and will make a good husband.

Ruhi is still in love with Armaan
In the upcoming episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, we will see Ruhi (Pratiksha Honmukhe) once again trying to find solace in Armaan. She believes that Armaan still loves her and doesn't want her to go with anyone else. Here Armaan was avoiding meeting humans. Ruhi looks for an opportunity to talk to Armaan about it, but Abhira doesn't.

Ruhi will tell Manav the truth
Now according to the online discussion, Ruhi is going to meet Manav. She thinks she will know about Ruhi's love for Armaan. Seeing her love for Armaan, Manav will think twice about marrying Ruhi and back off. Whether Ruhi confesses the truth to Manav is yet to be guessed, but if this is Ruhi's plan and her dream of getting back with Armaan, then it seems the makers have decided to reunite Armaan, Ruhi and Abhira. The drama revolves around these three.

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