Rashida Jones, Sunny's ray of sunshine on Apple TV+ (review)

The role that Rashida Jones deserved, fabulous in this futuristic robotic tale, full of emotions and which unfortunately overdoes it by switching to a mafia thriller.

We find the touch of the A24 studio in this strange futuristic series in Japan, which talks about artificial intelligence with great intelligence. Sunnyis the name of a “homebot”, a small domestic robot supposed to help Suzie recover from the disappearance of her husband and son, following a plane crash. Made by her husband, Sunny can do anything, even develop affection and empathy for her new owner, who is nevertheless allergic to robots, which she fears and categorically rejects. But Sunny is not a simple machine…


The Apple series replays Asimov's famous first law on robotics (a robot cannot harm a human being…) by adding an interesting sensitive twist, which changes from the recent (and numerous) reflections on artificial intelligence as an instrument of destruction of humanity. An obsession that Sunny takes a wrong turn, an adorable and expressive android, to whom we end up becoming inexorably attached.

The relationship he establishes with the luminous Rashida Jones (of The Office) is the great success of this SF tale, which shines when it thus focuses on mourning and the solitude of being. Suzie's adventures at the heart of Japanese culture even form a stunning link between the ancestral traditions of the country and its technological avant-gardism. Too bad that the futuristic-sentimental fable tips over into a lame mafia thriller with Yakuzas thirsty for code. A bug in the so airy programming of Sunny.

Sunny, season 1 in 10 episodes, to watch on Apple TV+ from July 11 in France and also in France on Canal +.


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