Ranchi’s Ram Babu has acted in the Oscar-winning short film Champaran Matan.

A film made under the banner of Film and Television Institute of India Champaran Mutton has reached the Oscar race. The film has reached the semi-finals. The 24-minute short film is made in Bajika language and directed by Film and Television Institute of India student Ranjan Uma Krishna. Ranjan is a resident of Vaishali district in Bihar. At the same time, 63-year-old Rambabu Prasad, a resident of BIT Mesra Chowk, has played the role.

Resident of BIT Mesra Chowk, Champaran Matan done by Rambabu Prasad

Rambabu Prasad played the character of Chedi in the movie Champaran Matan. Ram Babu is a Zollywood and Bollywood actor. Has done almost 30 films. Contributing to Jollywood for 25 years. His Jollywood superhit films include Karma and Chingari. Also associated with UNICEF. Ram Babu, who will retire from Government Basic School Mesra in 2021, has won the Excellence Award at the Jharkhand International Film Festival 2021. The film Champaran Mutton shows the struggle for mutton. How much an unemployed husband has to struggle to feed his pregnant wife with mutton.

Know what is the story of Champaran Mutton?

This story describes the condition of common man in lockdown. Champaran Matan actress Falak Khan says that the story of the film revolves around a middle-class family and the problems they face during the lockdown. How difficult life became when many people lost their jobs. It is the story of a young man who is unemployed during the lockdown, but despite his personal troubles, he tries to find the girl he loves. The film is based on a rural back draw. ‘Champaran Mutton’ will compete with 16 films that will make it to the semi-finals of the Oscar Student Academy Awards.

Chandan Roy gave this information

Speaking to Prabhat Khabar, ‘Champaran Mutton’ actor Chandan Roy revealed how he got attached to the film. He said, this was a diploma film of FTI. Students who are there, have to give a film before passing. This movie is directed by Ranjan Kumar. After Panchayat I was doing some commercial films. Was associated with Zee web series ‘Jambaaz’ and sitcom ‘Misfit’. Meanwhile, Ranjan came near me. I asked Ranjan to tell the story on such a date. If the story is correct, it will be carried forward. Loved the story after hearing the script. It was very realistic. How much one yearns for basic things. The film has made it to the Student Oscars, adding to the excitement.


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