Rafi gave voice to the Bhojpuri song 'Mai' from 'Snehne Aur Dular'.

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Bhojpuri Song: Songs from the movie Nadi Ke Paar released in the year 1982 are still remembered in our hearts. Songs based on 'Maa' have been written in old Bhojpuri films and also in the era of Bhojpuri films that have changed with time. In the year 1983, the song 'Ganga Kinre Mora Gaon Ho Ghar Bacha Da Devi Maiya, Ghar Bacha Da Mai Se Mila Da' was sung in a very touching manner in the movie 'Ganga Kinre Mora Gaon' by producer Ashok Chand Jain.

Controversy over obscene song

However, in recent times, there has been a lot of controversy regarding obscene songs in Bhojpuri. Despite this many film songs have the power to convey a message to the society. The 2020 film 'Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhana 3' also featured the song 'Anchara Chhota Ke Chal Kahe Dihle Etna Door Ae Mai, Ab Ke Babua – Babuwa Kahke Humke Paas Bolai' written by Manoj. Much appreciated by people. Khesari Lal Yadav is an actor in this movie. This song is sung by young singer Neelkamal.

“Rus Gillen Sai Hummer”

Lyricist Manoj is passionate about songs based on 'Mai', saying that in family Bhojpuri films, the love and intimacy of 'mother' is expressed through songs. A song based on 'Maa' from the movie 'Rus Gaylen Saiyan Hamara' released in 1980 was sung by legendary singer Rafi Sahab. Rafi mesmerized people by lending his voice to heart touching songs like 'Mai Re Mai Tor Manwa Ganga Ke Pani Ho Ram'. In recent times, new lyricists and singers are also trying hard to add sweetness to Bhojpuri songs. Albums of many songs are also being released, including devotional songs that show the vision of the society. Popular songs are also trending on social media and reaching millions of views. We all should try to promote good songs, so that the influence of Bhojpuri becomes stronger in the whole world.

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