“Radical” pro-Palestinian groups increasingly target places of worship for protests, an alarming trend

The pro-Palestinian movement recently began protesting outside places of worship, sparking outrage and accusations of targeted harassment and intimidation, with some critics saying it was trying to scare children.

Over the past two weeks, at least three protests have taken place outside houses of worship in the tri-state area.

After thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters gathered in Times Square for “Palestinian Land Day,” some demonstrated at the Easter vigil. at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York Saturday evening.

During the service, chants of “free and free Palestine” could be heard. Protesters were quickly evacuated from the service moments later, and many participants did not recognize the explosion.

Video footage showed “Extinction Rebellion” protesters holding a banner with the words “Silence = Death” outside the church.


Easter, pro-Palestinian protest church

Pro-Palestinians target Christian and Jewish religious events in alarming ways.

Other protests – also organized by pro-Palestinian groups – have targeted synagogues. One of them was an event held Monday at Congregation Bnai Yeshurun ​​in Teaneck, New Jersey, honoring a volunteer with ZAKA, an organization that collects body parts from victims of terrorism to give them a respectful burial.

The winner, Simcha Greiniman, testified about the October 7 atrocities he witnessed at the United Nations.

“We entered a room full of blood and saw no signs of shooting or bombing. There, the Hamas terrorists did not use a weapon to kill their victims, they used an ax to cut them into pieces,” he said. Greiniman said of what happened. he was a witness.

Pro-Palestinian organizations said ZAKA reinforces “false allegations that fuel the Gaza genocide.”

“[ZAKA] strawberry[ies] “I think it's pure intimidation. Pure harassment.”


Life under Hamas in the Gaza Strip is exposed by residents who live there in a new project where some residents discuss life under the iron grip of the terrorist group. (Reuters)

Greenblatt said this was the second event in the Jewish neighborhood where strangers, whom he called “absolutely sinister,” had entered “to try to intimidate the city” and “scare our children.”

“It shows the nature of what these people really want to do. And, by the way, it's not just about hatred of Jews. A lot of these people hate America,” he said .


“Based on most of the images I've seen of…the signs [present]…they want to tear down what America stands for, they don’t stand for peace,” he said. “They have a lot of anti-American feelings. And that's something I hope people pay attention to because it could cause damage far beyond Teaneck. This could cause enormous damage to the United States. If people don't wake up and pay attention to it and fight against it. »

Greenblatt shared some footage from the event on [America] & [Israel]proud Jews, non-Jews and proud Americans against the sowers of hatred and chaos. »

On Wednesday, pro-Palestinian groups staged a protest at Young Israel in Woodmere, which was hosting an Israel real estate event. The synagogue reinforced its own security team with local police to “monitor the situation and maintain order.”

Synagogue leaders told the congregation in an email: “We wanted to contact you regarding an anti-Israel protest planned for tomorrow evening at an Israel real estate event taking place at our synagogue. The safety and security of our members and the community at large is of the utmost importance to us, and we want to assure you that we are taking active steps to ensure a safe environment for everyone involved.

A famous atheist says he identifies as a “cultural Christian” and is “horrified” by the promotion of Islamic holidays.

“Targeting places of worship to protest a war is atrocious. It only creates the risk of violence, undermines dialogue and affects innocent individuals,” Liora Rez of StopAntisemitism told Fox News Digtial. “But these factors do nothing to stop the radical Free Palestine movement.”

Pro-Palestinian protesters

Pro-Palestinian protesters were seen blocking a US government ship on Friday. (KTVU FOX 2)

The pro-Palestinian movement has also held protests at other religious sites, including at a Christmas fundraiser for blind children in December.

Protesters waved Palestinian flags while stomping on the stage and shouting about Gaza before being taken away by security.


Greenblatt explained that he continues to hope that peace is possible between Israel and the Palestinians, but that it would require a change in leadership and the eradication of the Hamas terrorist group.

“The problem, of course, is leadership, among other problems. And yes, I still have hope,” he said. “Until Hamas is eliminated… [there] there is really very little to say and do. But when that happens… I think one day, maybe, there could be some good, fruitful, honest, rational, good-faith discussions and maybe something will happen later. »

Fox News' Stepheny Price contributed to this report.


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