Princess Leia's Gold Bikini Up for Auction!

The perfect gift for a Star Wars fan!

We imagine Ross Geller will be jumping at the chance! Heritage Entertainment is hosting an auction this month that will feature a slew of items Star Wars originals.

There will be the special Y-wing ship, the one piloted by Gold Leader in Star Wars and who helped young Luke Skywalker blow up the Death Star.

But above all, there will be a little piece of legend, with the gold metal bikini, worn by Leia carried in Jabba's ship in Return of the Jedi ! A legendary costume from the cinema, which dressed lightly Carrie Fisher in 1985, which has since become an object of intergenerational fantasy. To buy it, you will have to break your PEL: the starting price is set at $30,000!

Heritage Auctions

For the Y-wing, you'll have to sell your house, since the craft costs over $300,000. And for that price, you won't even get a real ship, but (obviously) the original model, built by the Industrial Light and Magic team for George Lucas. One of only two 1:24 scale miniatures in existence.

More “affordable”, fans of Star Wars will also be able to acquire a helmet from Mandalorian for the sum of $20,000.

Note that Marvel fans will not be left out: Mjölnir, the famous hammer of Thor used by Chris Hemsworth in the MCU films, is also up for auction: $17,500, starting price.


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