Prime Video’s Escort Boys series soon to be broadcast unencrypted by TF1 [exclu]

Huge exhibition for the gigolos of the Camargue.

This was one of the very good surprises of the end of 2023: the series Escort Boys – following four boys with no future who engage in the oldest profession in the world to save the family farm in the depths of the Camargue – met with great critical and public success.

While season 2 is in advanced discussions, and while waiting for the official announcement from Amazon, season 1 of the Prime Video series will soon land unencrypted on TF1!


Invited to the Monte-Carlo television festival this weekend, the producers Charlotte Toledano-Detaille And Myriam Gharbi-de Vasselot told Première that the private group had acquired the series. THE Escort Boys will therefore be entitled to broadcast to the general public. A bold bet for TF1 given the series' sulphurous themes, sometimes represented in a very graphic manner on screen…

The fact remains that we do not yet know on what date, nor on which channel of the group (TF1 also owns TFX or TMC).


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