Pratibha Ranta of Missing Ladies fame shares her struggle

Ladies Pushpa Kumari aka Pratibha Ranta is garnering huge applause for her performance in the movie Lapta Ladies which released in theaters last Friday. Pratibha describes it as a dream, sometimes she feels that it is her film and not someone else's. A conversation with Urmila Kori on this film and career…

You started your acting career with the TV show Kurban Hua, how did you get involved with Aamir Khan's production house Lapad Ladies?
My journey was very interesting. I started with TV, but I never planned in my life where and how to go. Things that were coming into my life. I was picking them up one by one. First I did a TV show and then a web show. Meanwhile, I got a call for an audition for a film and asked me to audition for it as they were looking for an actor for the role of Jaya for a long time. I said ok. I would audition, when I asked for the audition script and I read it, I found that it was so beautifully written that even during the audition, I could imagine what the character would be like. Many times it happens that in the audition we get to know the character briefly without knowing it. This happened here. I have been attached to the script since the beginning. I knew what this character was doing. what are you thinking Aamir sir liked my audition. was called to the office. Opposite was Aamir Khan, whose films you grew up watching, making you feel both nervous and excited. I joined the film within two days.

Did Aamir Khan tell you anything special about your performance?
Aamir sir met him in Bhopal. He praised all three of us and told us how well we have done. You guys are doing full justice to your character. No one could have played this role better than you. It was a big thing from Aamir sir's mouth which you will feel authentic as an actor after hearing this.

How was the character training?
Our speech was trained. Wearing a saree and bringing comfort to it was also a task. In personal life we ​​don't live in saree and in this we have to wear saree and hold veil very naturally. There was no need to leave the screen while performing. This had to be taken care of. What is my character thinking? She doesn't say anything. She wants to do something else. While portraying a character, I had to keep in mind that my acting should not reveal too much about the character. Here I would like to appreciate the magic of hair makeup. After the make up I looked totally like Pushpa Rani. My skin color has also darkened.

The story of this film is reported to be set in bitter cold, while it was shot in hot sun?
It was winter when we were shooting in Bhopal. When we shifted to Mumbai. Our schedule was Mumbai. The schedule is in March. There was a heat wave in March. We were shooting in the mud. We wear sweaters. We are wearing a shawl. We are wearing a full veil. The heat wave was such a problem that it was difficult to know what to do when the cuts occurred. Earlier, an anaconda shaped cooler would arrive and we would all chill in it and then shoot in the heat. Well, it had side effects too. The cold and then the sudden heat caused many people to catch colds. I also had fever, but we continued shooting.

How would you define Kiran Rao as a director?
When you work with women directors, your thinking and theirs have some similarities, so I have found that with Kiran. By the way, she welcomes everyone's creative opinion. He has mastered his craft as a director. She knows which scene to change, where and how, and does several retakes until she is completely satisfied with the scene. He is a perfectionist.

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How similar is your character Jaya?
too much When I used to do theater in Shimla, it took me a long time to convince my family that this is what I wanted to do and I wanted to move to Mumbai. It was not easy for a small place like Shimla. My family also quietly supported me but I had full confidence in my decision. I also believe that even if I make a mistake it will be my decision but I will definitely try to fulfill my dream. Coming to Mumbai, searching from house to house, finding work and making new friends was not easy. Many relatives in Simla had told many things. Now he wants his daughter to come to Mumbai and try acting, so his fight for himself unknowingly becomes an inspiration to many others.

Which woman has influenced you in your personal life?
I want to take my grandmother's name. She is 80 years old, but even at this age she wants to be recognized in the society. He is on social media. She updates herself daily. She keeps commenting on my insta handle.

It is often said that television actors have difficulty getting films?
I have done only one TV show. Not many people even know that I have done TV. So I have never experienced anything like this till date.

In terms of acting, will the focus be on films now?
The medium doesn't matter. I want to work in such a way that I surprise people. I will do commercial films as well as artistic films.


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