New beginning, with Franck Dubosc and Karin Viard: a clever and rhythmic comedy [critique]

As a couple for 30 years, they don't have the same reaction at all when their children leave the house…

In love with Diane like the first day, Alain crosses fifty without crisis. Even the departure of the children, he took it well. Diane less so.… She begins this period with the feeling that she could die of boredom or anxiety. For Alain, who sees his relationship falter for the first time, it is time to ask the essential questions, and to take a major risk after 30 years of living together: leaving Diane to rekindle the flame and the desire to get together again. Nouveau Départ is the story of a double or nothing love story.

Canal + is broadcasting this Friday evening New start, released last September in cinemas. A film which marks the first collaboration between two very popular French actors: Karin Viard And Franck Dubosc. However, they both come from the same school…

First recommends this well-thought-out comedy about empty nest syndrome, this couple who have lived together for three decades not having at all the same feelings when their children leave home. Here is our review.

For his second feature, Philippe Lefebvre (The Whistler) is interested in empty nest syndrome. The one that hits the couple in their fifties, Alain and Diane when their youngest son takes off and that pushes Alain to try to save this failing union with a daring tactic: leaving Diane in the hope of rekindling the flame at home. Nothing very original in this pitch, certainly, nor in the production of this remarriage comedy. And yet the charm works. That of a clever and rhythmic situation comedy (co-written with Maria Pourchet, author of Western, a major novel of the literary season), rich in carefully knitted secondary characters. And that of the duo Karin Viard-Franck Dubosc who, trained together at the Rouen Conservatory, find themselves for the first time as headliners in the same film. The contagious energy of one and the game mezzo vocce on the other go together wonderfully.


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