Maya, give me a title, the adorable project by Michel Gondry and his daughter, with Pierre Niney as a bonus

In his next film, the French director uses animation to explore the corners of the imagination.

After his last film, The Book of Solutionsan autobiographical fiction, was presented at the Quinzaine des Cinéastes last year, Michel Gondry returns with another very personal project, Maya, give me a title, of which the first images have reached us. According to the official synopsis:

“Maya and her dad live in two different countries. To maintain the bond with his daughter and continue to tell her stories, her dad asks her every evening: “Maya, give me a title”. From this title, he then creates a cartoon for her in which she is the heroine. Through these adventures told by Pierre Niney, Michel Gondry brings to life a poetic and amusing journey that will make children dream… and adults smile.”

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For this new project, the French director called on a partner of choice: his daughter. Together, they explore the twists and turns of the imagination of the little girl, but also of this big boy who is Michel Gondry. Moreover, it is under the name of “Dad” that Michel Gondry signs his film, the figure of the filmmaker fading behind that of the father.

After Lively conversation with Noam Chomsky (2013), an animated documentary based on an interview between Gondry and Noam Chomskyphilosopher and linguist, the sixty-one-year-old filmmaker with a very playful style once again chooses animation to depict sketches and characters embodied by Pierre Nineyalready established as a form of Gondry's alter-ego in The Book of Solutions.

Maya, give me a title will thus mark the second collaboration of the actor and Michel Gondry, but also the second animated film dubbed by Pierre Niney this year, after Vice-Versa 2which will be released in cinemas on June 19.

Maya, give me a title will be released on October 2.

Pierre Niney: “To play Michel Gondry, I did not imitate him, I observed him” [vidéo]


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