Maryland officials reprimand reporter for asking about trans teen accused of planning shooting

A Maryland Democratic lawmaker reprimanded a reporter Friday for asking about the transgender identity of a teenager accused of planning a school shooting.

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich was answering a question about Andrea Ye, nicknamed Alex, when he became visibly frustrated. Ye, 18, is accused of plotting to commit a mass shooting at Thomas Wootton High School and his former elementary school.

He spoke about the alleged plan in a 129-page manifesto. At a news conference Friday, Elrich was asked about officials' alleged hesitancy to reveal Ye's transgender identity.

Maryland teen allegedly planned school shootings in 129-page manifesto with transgender main character

Andrea Ye and Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich lashed out at a reporter who asked about the trans identity of Andres Ye, accused of plotting to commit high school and school shootings primary. (Montgomery County Police Department)

“How reluctant is the county to admit that this individual was transgender? » asked the journalist. “This is the fourth time we've seen this happen, very recently,” referring to some mass shootings carried out by suspects identified as transgender.

“Because it’s not a lede,” Elrich replied. “You know, how do you make it known every time someone is murdered that it was a white, heterosexual, Christian man? No, you don't, you don't. Is that are the only crimes that are committed? You never publicize someone's sexual orientation when you talk about it.”

Wootton High School Welcome Sign

The facade of Wootton High School in Rockville, Maryland. (Google Maps)


“Why you insist they are transgender is beyond me. It's not news. It's not a crime to be transgender and I'm sorry you feel that way,” he said. -he adds.

The reporter responded as Elrich walked away from the podium: “That's not what I said.”

Ye was arrested on Wednesday and is accused of threatening mass violence. He reportedly wrote that he wanted to become a serial killer rather than a mass murderer because serial killers are romanticized. You wanted to shoot up an elementary school because “small children are easier targets,” authorities said Thursday.

An informant alerted authorities to his writings and an investigation was launched by local and state law enforcement.


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