Los Angeles woman finds pack of coyotes living under her home – NBC Los Angeles

Coyotes have Leimert Park on edge after a number of close encounters, including a scary incident of a woman being chased by the animal.

Neighbors said they’re worried and puzzled as to why packs of coyotes are roaming an urban neighborhood. 

Phaedra Harris was asleep the night of Friday, May 31 when she heard screams coming from across the street.

However, she said she knew instantly what was happening.

“I was like. ‘It’s those freaking coyotes,’” said Harris.

Her security cameras show a terrified neighbor screaming. Then the neighbor and her dog are seen in the footage, running across the street to Harris’ house.

“I jumped up, ran to the door and saw her running for her life,” said Harris.

It was her scariest encounter with the neighborhood coyotes, but not the first.

Harris said, about a week prior, she learned two adult coyotes and their four pups were living under her home.

“We saw four pups and two adults coming out of the crawl space,” she said while looking at the video clips of the animals roaming her property. “In my front year, I saw [them] killing either a racoon or a baby possum.”

Another neighbor says a coyote family of eight has moved into the neighborhood.

“There was someone walking down the street, and the coyote wouldn’t let them pass,” she said. “We don’t live in Idyllwild. We don’t live in a canyon.”

With the neighborhood on high alert, the community has organized a meeting with a wildlife expert about how to protect their homes.

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