LA Metro announces changes to bus services – NBC Los Angeles

In an effort to improve travelers’ experience riding on local buses, Metro is making changes to more than 50 routes, the transit agency announced on social media Friday.

According to Metro, the new changes particularly target the San Fernando and San Gabriel Valleys. A total of 51 lines will receive updates.

“We’re making changes to a variety of bus routes to improve service based on feedback from our consumers, bus operators and data reviewed by our bus service planning and scheduling staff,” Metro said. 

Metro says that many of the new changes aim to help bus schedules better reflect actual travel times, which they hope will lead to shorter wait times. 

“We’re also adjusting service levels slightly on many bus lines to better match ridership,” Metro added.

Tulasi Rodriguez and Luis Gomez, two of the many metro commuters who lives in South LA, experiences safety concerns and relying on public transportation. Amber Frias reports for the NBC4 News on 5 p.m., June 11, 2024.

With the new changes, Metro is adding trips on some lines during peak travel time in order to increase capacity and attract more ridership. Simultaneously, Metro is removing trips from lines that receive lower ridership.

To see if their line is changing, riders can check online.

According to City News Service, despite recent concerns over safety on LA public transport, Metro reported an increase in ridership for the month of May compared to the same month last year.

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