Kevin Costner would like to return to Yellowstone

The actor-director, in full promotion of Chapter 1 of Horizon, reiterates his desire to return to the head of the Dutton family for Paramount.

Fans' expectations Yellowstone will soon come to an end. A year after the broadcast of the first half of season 5 of the Paramount western – which will be the last – the Dutton family is preparing to return to the small screens in the fall to say goodbye.

A final stretch interrupted by the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strike and above all, the departure of Kevin Costner, star actor in the series which earned him a Golden Globe in 2023, and in which he plays patriarch John Dutton. For him, adventure Yellowstone stopped last year after a decision by its creator, Taylor Sheridanapparently motivated by unrealistic demands from the actor: right of veto on the scripts, salary increase, reduction of his hours of presence on the set…

However, despite this hasty departure, Kevin Costner, in full promotion ofHorizon: An American Sagaentrusted to Today his desire to return to run the Yellowstone ranch:

“I supported this project and I loved it. Yellowstone was very important to me. I would like to go back there under the right circumstances, and I think that's what we all want. For me, it takes really that the circumstances are favorable.”

“To say there's a chance, there's always a chance, he adds. I love this project. We need to be very clear about this.”

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This isn't the first time Kevin Costner has publicly vowed to take John Dutton's Stetson out of the closet. Last April, he already declared to Entertainment Tonight :

“I thought I was going to do seven seasons, but we're at five. I hope that's the case, but there are a lot of shows developing at the same time. Maybe that will be the case. Maybe this character will come back to me if it does, and I feel really comfortable with it, I would love to do it again.”

A few weeks later, while the first part ofHorizon was presented out of competition on the Croisette, the artist specified that his departure was mainly motivated by the production's decision to split season 5 of Yellowstone in two in the columns of GQ. A choice which risked damaging his Dantesque western project in four parts.

The finale of Yellowstone will be released next November and will be broadcast on Paramount + in France. As for Kevin Costner, we will be able to find him, his Stetson and his cowboy boots, from July 3 in the cinema. The second part of his western epic will be released on September 11.

Yellowstone will have “the best finale in the history of the series”


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