Karva Chauth 2023: Celebrate Karva Chauth with these Bhojpuri songs, the festival will be festive, the day will also be special.

Bhojpuri Gan

The festival of Karva Chauth will be celebrated on November 1. Many married women celebrate this festival in Bihar as well as across the country. Bhojpuri fans are all over the world. For this reason many songs in this language are associated with Karva Chauth.

Bhojpuri song

The Karlya festival of Karva Chauth also has a good song. You can also listen to this today. This song features Anjana Singh and Viraj Bhatt and this song is from the movie Trishul.


Badri Se Chhertate Chand is a beautiful song by Anjana Singh. More than two crore people have watched it on YouTube. Crores of people have liked this song.

Mona Lisa

Saiya Khatir Nirjala Upasam is a very good song by Monalisa and Rani Chatterjee. This song has been liked and shared by many people. Also, many people have given good feedback on this song. We tell you that people love watching both the actresses.

Karwa Chauth

Bhojpuri songs make the festival of Karva Chauth special. These songs make this day memorable. Apart from this, this festival also gets colorful.


Kabhi Na Saath Chhote Balam also has a very funny song. This eight year old song is still loved by people. More than nine crore people have watched this song on YouTube so far.


The song Saajan Ki Suhagan by Nisha Upadhyay and Mohan Singh makes the festival even more awesome. This song was released in 2022. People love this song too.


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