How Will Ferrell ended up in season 4 of The Boys

A brilliant cameo explained to us by the creator, Eric Kripke.

He only appears for a few minutes, but it's an absolutely brilliant cameo: Will Ferrell arrives in The Boys, on the occasion of season 4, which was launched this Thursday on Prime Video. Warning spoilers!

The actor of barbie comes to make a small cameo at the start of episode 2. He plays himself, on the set of a new film produced by Vought: Training A-Train. Directed by studio filmmaker Adam Bourke (Dawn of the Seven), the feature film shows the origins of the fastest man in the world… taken to the summits and taken off the streets by his coach!

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In the sequence in question, we see that A-Train uses his lightning-fast powers to sell drugs. But Coach Rink shows up to try to get him back on track. “Ferrell-fucking-Streep” exclaims the director of the film, while Will Ferrell has just delivered a moving performance that will bring tears to your eyes. There's even a teaser:

Obviously, this is all a big parody of films of the genre, like The Blind Side (2009) The most beautiful fight (2000) or Rebel spirits (1995). Even Will Ferrell winks, wondering: “I’m not giving off too much of a Blind Side vibe, am I?”

A fantastic cameo, which the whole team The Boys insisted on keeping it secret until the end: “We wanted to keep the surprise“, confides to Première the creator Eric Kripkebefore explaining how Will Ferrell found himself in The Boys :

“We were discussing together a possible scenario for another project. We were in contact. And then while writing episode 2, this role of the coach came up. He was the ideal actor to play that! I asked him to He wanted to do it and he was up for it, so I brought him to the set in Toronto for a day. He was very nice, because the weather was horrible. in the polar cold, there was a storm that you can't see in the image, but he played the game until the end.”

Season 4 of The Boys will continue next Thursday on Prime Video.


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