How to prep for earthquakes in California – NBC Los Angeles

Preparedness for a 7.5 magnitude earthquake becomes imperative regardless of location, as seismic unpredictability looms large, especially in earthquake-prone California.

If warnings could enhance awareness about impending earthquakes, this knowledge might be the key to effective preparedness. In a world where natural disasters often strike without warning, having even a brief advance notice can make a critical difference.

One effective tool for earthquake preparedness is the MyShake app, developed by the UC Berkeley Seismology Lab. This app not only provides users with crucial emergency alerts but also offers valuable safety tips to mitigate risks.

While primarily designed to serve the West Coast, the MyShake app remains a valuable resource for anyone concerned about earthquake safety. It’s programmed to issue alerts in areas prone to seismic activity and report major damages only.

Residing in an earthquake-prone region or traveling, unwavering preparedness stands as the most formidable defense against the abrupt and unpredictable nature of seismic shocks.

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