How far will A Little Something Extra go? It is already the 5th biggest French success in 15 years

Having just doubled What Have We Done Again to the Good Lord?, Artus is now aiming for 7.4 million admissions for La Famille Bélier. And he’s breaking records in the provinces!

“7 million thanks! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this crazy adventure!”

The milestone of 7 million entries has been reached for A little something extrawhich delights its creator to the highest degree.

How far will the comedy ofArtus ? Breaking record after record since its release on May 1, it has just exceeded 6.7 million admissions. What else have we done to the good Lord?in 2019. Which allows it to integrate a new symbolic level by integrating the top 5 biggest French hits of the last 15 years. Since 2009, only Untouchables, What have we done to the good Lord?, Nothing to declare And The Aries Family did better.

Here are the details, communicated by ComScore:

1. Untouchables has recorded 19,273,333 entries since December 2011
2. What have we done to the good Lord? has recorded 12,366,862 entries since April 2014
3. Nothing to declare has recorded 8,138,745 entries since February 2011
4. The Aries Family has recorded 7,452,080 entries since December 2014
5. A little something extra has recorded 7 million entries since May 1, 2024 (ongoing)
6. What else have we done to the good Lord? has recorded 6,721,637 entries since January 2019
7. Les Tuches 3 has recorded 5,688,474 entries since January 2018
8. The Ch'tite family has recorded 5,627,770 entries since February 2018
9. The little Nicolas recorded 5,608,770 entries since September 2009
10. The Little Handkerchiefs has recorded 5,457,251 entries since October 2010

A little something extra: a hilarious comedy… about disability [critique]

To integrate the top 20 biggest French boxes of all time, this successful comedy about disability will have to pass the 8.6 million ticket mark. Which seems perfectly possible on paper!

Many French productions present in this top were released in the 1940s to 1960s: The Big Mop, The Little World of Don Camillo, Le Corniaud, The War of the Buttons, Les Misérables…, or in the 1980s/1990s: The Visitors, Three Men and a Bassinet, The Stupid Dinner, The Big Blue, The Bear…But within recent French works, A little something extra already ranks high among the biggest hits of the last fifteen years.

Since 2009, we have found two Dany Boon films in this top 10: Nothing to declaretherefore, but also The Ch'tite family (and remember that Welcome to the Ch'tis became the biggest French success of all time 16 years ago with more than 20 million cinema tickets sold in France), two opuses of Good Godand nine comedies, The Little Handkerchiefs by Guillaume Canet being the darkest film on the list, with 5.4 million admissions. A little something extra is the only film distributed by Pan, Pathé and Gaumont cinemas being the majority here (5 films in the top 10). It is also the most “little” film of the lot, with its budget of 6.4 million euros: The Aries Family had cost nearly 11 million ten years ago, the Good God are estimated at 12 and 16 million, Untouchables at a little less than 10, the Canet at 15… Three works in this classification finally deal with disability: Untouchables, The Bélier Family And A little something extra.

Artus: “I was clearly told that people did not want to see disabled people in the cinema”

Recently beating 4.6 millionAsterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom, Artus' film has become the biggest French success since the Covid epidemic; 200,000 spectators later, he took first place in the top of the yearand has now widened the gap with Dune 2then he largely participated in making busiest month of May 2024 for ten years, with 15 million entries recorded over this period. Transposed into dollars, it crossed 50 million in revenue at the beginning of June, and thus enters into the top 20 biggest hits of 2024 in the world, while only his scores in France are currently counted. Having appeared in this world ranking for 7 weeks, it has now reached 64 million dollars in revenue.

A provincial success

First offered on 455 screens, the film saw its distribution expand little by little, until reaching 1092, after having exploded the counters May, the 1st. So far, he has maintained beyond a million entries per weekexcept on his last 7 days, where he adds “only” 800,000. After its exceptional start, it even had the luxury of doing better after 3 weeks in theaters than when it started!

For the moment, only 3% of its revenue comes from Parisian copies (around 165,000 tickets), and 11% counting the periphery (670,000), but the capital and its suburbs are gradually catching up: it's been three weeks thatA little something extra is also at the top of the Parisian ranking. Released with strong competition (Planet of the Apes: The New KingdomThen Furiosa, etc.), the film was initially a hit in the provinces, and not necessarily in big cities: the cinemas where it worked the strongest were the CGR in Saint-Saturnin, near Le Mans, and the Cinéville in La Roche- sur-Yon, in front of the multiplexes of Lille, Lyon or Nantes. To find the first suburban cinema where comedy works best, you have to go down to 29th place, and that of Les Halles, located in the heart of Paris, is 60th.

Pan Distribution

“From the start, it worked very well in the provinces, and it still has potential! assures us Eric Marti, the general manager of ComScore, site specializing in box office. In Paris, its weaker start is undoubtedly linked to the fact that it was released during a period of great competition, it was not overexposed, it was distributed as a 'small' French comedy.

Then we saw word of mouth working, its average gradually increasing. The film was on everyone's lips at the time of the Cannes Film Festival, for example, even without being in competition. Little by little, we saw its success in the provinces rub off on Paris, and in the fifth week, A little something extra topped the Paris rankings. It has remained there ever since, so it can still evolve. The Cinema Festival is coming soon, it's obvious that they will benefit from the reduced prices, then there will be the Olympics, and there's a whole new audience that could be interested in it, tourists who have heard of its success, for example…”

“So it’s also a success in Paris, continues the analyst, even if the box office is very specific in the capital. And it is evolving rapidly. Less than ten years ago, a big success accounted for an average of 15% of its admissions in Paris. Today, it’s more around 10%. This is explained in particular by the money invested in cinemas throughout France, the equipment is generally of very good quality, and so is the cinematographic offering here. So much so that we see the market share increasing in the provinces in general, and the phenomenon which is playing out around this film in particular summarizes all of this. A little something extra perfectly illustrates the fact that we don't need a Parisian success to make a national success, but also the inversion of the usual order of attendance: a national success can perfectly become a Parisian success.”

Cannes 2024: The joyful red carpet of Artus and his Un p’tit something extra team [photos]

Artus became “addicted to numbers”

This is the confession his co-writer, lead actor and director made to us while laughing at the last Cannes Film Festival:

The first night was crazy. I never tracked the numbers, so I didn't realize. […] And when we made 280,000 on the first day, we said to ourselves: 'Ah, I think there's something going on'”, says the director, before continuing : “Every day I look at the numbers now. I became addicted. And I say to myself: 'It's going to go down, it's going to calm down'. And there we do a third week which is higher than the first, so it goes back up. I find it crazy.”

Faced with such a phenomenon, rumors of an American remake are growing, especially after the success of Coda at the Oscarsthe film which was precisely inspired by The Aries Family. For the moment, Artus has not announced anything concrete, but the impressive success of his comedy about disability has already helped to shake things up a little. Following his climb up the steps during the last Cannes festival, where he had to carry one of his actors (Sofian Ribes, suffering from an autosomal recessive genetic disease), work will be carried out so that the Palais des Festivals is now accessible for people with reduced mobility.

A little something extra is still in theaters. Here is its trailer:


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