House of the Dragon: the guide to what to expect in season 2

Showrunner Ryan Condal, Olivia Cooke and the other stars of the series present this new chapter to come to Westeros.

After two years of waiting, the flight to Westeros will finally take off next Monday – on the Max platform in France – with the launch of season 2 of House of the Dragon. If season 1 mainly installed the entourage of King Viserys Targaryen, raised the stakes and placed the Rhaenyra team pawns against the Alicent team, civil war is looming in the heart of the 7 Kingdoms for season 2. And we will have to choose his camp.

Comprehensive exploration of the 7 Kingdoms

“The Universe Expands in Season 2”confides to Première the showrunner Ryan Condal. “We are less confined in the corridors of the Port Réal castle. We are opening our horizons, we are going to explore new territories, we are discovering new faces.”

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In other words, House of the Dragon will broaden its view, as the Houses of the land must decide whether to support the reigning King Aegon II or the throneless Queen Rhaenyra. We will therefore find the Starks, the Lannisters and other Baratheons, while the major families of the country will have a role to play: “It's true that the first season was very focused on the royal family of Viserys. There, we move the point of view and the camera to the other characters, who will take up more space” continues the screenwriter who specifies that season 2 will begin with a game of alliances. From negotiations to meetings, the time has come to count his supporters: “We are in the middle of the Cold War, when season 2 begins. It is a war of position, almost a nuclear conflict, if we want to draw a parallel. They know they can destroy each other. If I throw my dragon at your base and wipe it all out, you'll do the same in retaliation and send me your own dragon...”

Which side is better armed?

Each side therefore patiently bides its time and prepares its weapons. On the one hand, Team Green (Alicent) has the biggest dragons (Vhagar in particular) and the stronghold of the 7 kingdoms (the capital and its Iron Throne). But on the other hand, Team Black (Rhaenyra) has a massive fleet, with the ships of Lord Corlys Velaryon. A decisive asset to win?

Corlys Velaryon

We join the art of war: we cannot win a war without troops on the ground“, explain to us Steve Toussaint. The “Sea Snake” assures that dragons also have their limits: “It's not enough to have dragons to burn everything. And this is where the Velaryon fleet comes into play. It is the largest and most important fleet in the 7 Kingdoms. Both sides pushed to ally with the Velaryons. Lord Corlys has chosen Rhaenyra as his rightful Queen. Team Black is really lucky to have him!” laughs the actor. “Besides, from episode 1, we understand that Port Réal is suffering from a blockade organized by its ships. This fleet is truly vital and very powerful !”

The illusory hope of peace

War therefore seems inevitable, at one point or another. Even if Alicent wants to believe that it is still possible to calm things down. Olivia Cooke explains that her Queen Mother would like to repair the harm done by Aemond in the last episode of season 1.When your son kills the son of the woman who was your best friend…. It's complicated“, the actress replies. “Alicent wishes she could go to Rhaenyra, tell her directly what happened, that it wasn't supposed to happen. That Viserys really said he wanted to see Aegon take the throne! That she didn't try to do him the wrong way! That she is convinced that she would have made a good queen, but that Viserys really said what he said...”

House of the Drago Alicent

But it's probably too late to argue. Too late to reconcile. “Now that Rhaenyra is grieving, she can't hear that. And I don't know how she can forgive him“. However, Olivia Cooke insists: Alicent is not “the meanie” Of the history. “In any case, she doesn't see herself like that. She was indoctrinated by her father, Otto, to take power, in a very patriarchal way..”

Youth in power

However, it was his son, Aemond, who crossed the red line. And it's his other son, Aegon, who has been squatting on the Iron Throne since Viserys died. Logically, this season 2 will thus give another dimension to the new generation of the 7 Kingdoms. The children of Rhaenyra and Alicent, who arrived in the last episodes of season 1, have “grown up” as pointed out Harry Collettwho plays Prince Jacaerys Velaryon: “Physically and mentally, they are no longer quite children“, he tells us.

House of the Dragon season 2

Jace will take his place alongside his mother Rhaenyra, to fight against Aegon II, who, for his part, is comfortable in his throne: “He has put himself in the king’s shoes. He is starting to feel comfortable”smiles Tom Glynn-Carney at our microphone. “He gained confidence in himself and no longer just sought to please others. He ended up finding that he belonged…” Needless to say, Team Rhaenyra disagrees!

Season 2 of House of the Dragon will begin Monday on Max in France.


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