Homeless man with hammer breaks into Westminster home – NBC Los Angeles

Westminster authorities have responded to hundreds of burglary calls over the years, but this was a first to some.

When officers were dispatched to a home in the 14800 block of Cordoba Place on Wednesday, they found an alleged intruder, making himself comfortable inside the home he had broken into.

“[The suspect] sat on the living room couch as he ate a banana and drank from a bottle of whiskey that he found inside the residence.”

The alleged burglar was identified as 44-year-old Michael Garnett, who broke into the home and threatened three female residents with a hammer. 

Police said one of the women inside the home was awakened by loud noises and saw Garnett who had made his way in through a sliding glass door. 

Another woman was able to escape while a third woman tried to talk to Garnett, who then took out a hammer while demanding food, the police department said.

The women offered him food, which led him to enjoy his findings until police arrived and arrested him.

Neighbors suspected Garnett may be a transient who targets homes in the area.

Mike Altan, who lives in the same community, believed Garnett came into his home first before entering the women’s home and made away with $70 from his roommate’s room before jumping into another neighbor’s back patio. 

“I see through the window, [he] jumps,” Garnett explained. 

Another neighbor believed Garnett may have targeted her home next. 

“My mom was sick, so she did not sleep at all that night. She heard a noise like somebody jumped but she didn’t know what it was,” Thuy Tran said. “Because my kids are home, it’s scary.”

Police confirmed Garnett was facing armed robbery and burglary charges. 

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