Hearing the story of the Bhojpuri girmiti, the eyes became wet

Girmityas: This program is presented by Netherlands residents Raj Mohan and Manav D and their partners Varun, Sundar Hira and Kishan Hira. Famous Bhojpuri Awadhi singer from Netherlands. In which Sundar Heera and Kishan Heera gave a live performance of Launda dance, a famous dance of Bhojpuri culture in Suriname and the Netherlands.

Strengths of Bhojpuri Language and Culture: Avnish Awasthi

Avnish Awasthi who was present at the event said, the state is the home of brotherhood, Hon'ble Chief Minister went to Mauritius on his first visit. He added, Bhojpuri language and culture has strength, the government is working for its growth and will do more to take it forward. The artist and his team from the Netherlands showed the power of this language.

India is your home: Swati Singh

So Swati Singh said to him, India is your home. Bhojpuri is the voice of the heart, people from here hold the highest positions in those countries today. He said, Mahatma Gandhi was a servant earlier.

200 years ago, laborers from UP-Bihar migrated in large numbers to Suriname and other countries.

About 200 years ago, a large number of laborers were transported from India, especially from UP Bihar to countries like Suriname, Mauritius, Guyana, Trinidad, Africa etc. Which today is known as indentured society. The British took these laborers to work in sugarcane fields and factories. A large population of them later came from Suriname and settled in the Netherlands. Where even today Bhojpuri culture and music is a part of their modern society. These artists have been performing in Europe and the Caribbean in public performances of Bajka Gana, Geet Gavai, Ghazal and Rap in Bhojpuri. Through this they continue to connect the soil and culture of India with the settled society in Europe and Africa.

Many people participated in the program

The program was attended by dignitaries of the state along with art lovers in large numbers. UPDF president Pankaj Jaiswal said that besides connecting the migrants, the forum aims to bring the traditional culture of Bhojpuri to the people. So as to introduce people to its rich musical art and tradition. It was resolved to organize such programs in the country and abroad. State Legislative Council member Dharmendra Singh, Adviser to Chief Minister Awanish Awasthi and former Minister of State Swati Singh attended the event. Ashok Chaubey, Subhash Kushwaha, Jai Singh, Akhand Shahi Deepak Tripathi, Ananya Singh and others were present in the program.


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