Gutfeld: Joe Biden's Big Dementia Scandal Suddenly Grabs Public Attention

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GREG GUTFELD: Remember Harvey Weinstein, the sex addict? He was horrible. He stood out in an industry where tear gas is a condiment. Remember what he said first when he was accused?

Weinstein said that if he were pardoned, his mission would be to retire Donald Trump. He thought that would distract us from his depravity. It was a depravity, as we later discovered, that all of Hollywood knew about but ignored, like my script for Bridget Jones’s Diarrhea. So either the accusations against Weinstein were going to explode, or Harvey was going to cover himself in enough hatred of Trump to avoid being accused.

If it had been up to the media, he would have succeeded. But there were too many victims and they were loud. Doesn't this sound exactly like what's happening now? Like that scary dog ​​your whole neighborhood hated?

THE Biden's dementia story has He escaped from the yard barking and leaving a trail of droppings behind him. And once again, hatred against Trump is the weapon of mass distraction.


What a moralizing hypocrite, anyway. So you see Weinstein's strategy. We have to defeat the orange Hitler to allow Joe to become so horrible and senile.

Will it work this time? No. Joe's confidence in Scranton is fading like the spray tan on his pinched, empty face. And now, just like Hollywood covering Harvey because they profit from it. We see that our media covered Joe's saggy ass, and theirs too. While Joe was disintegrating.

Those of us who called out Joe’s incompetence were denigrated or ignored, like Jesse Watters on a nude beach. Meanwhile, the Times, the Washington Post, Axios, and all the rest were obsessed with a flag in front of Justice Alito’s house or bombarded us endlessly with stories of Russian collusion and legal warfare about the January 6 insurrectionists. What do all these stories have in common? Hatred of Trump as a distraction.

On the left, it’s a giant vaccine against scandal. Keep injecting Trump as Hitler into the narrative and you can cure all bad publicity for the left. The side effect is that you lose your hair. But suddenly, now the shocked media is running this story full blast. After ignoring it, Joe ran his 2020 campaign from his basement that he regularly called a “lid” at 11 a.m. In 2019, we saw photos of his fact sheets with pre-submitted questions and answers from reporters.

US President Joe Biden

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) says he supports Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election. (Jacquelyn Martin/AP/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Today, the same media outlets have shown as evidence videos that were once dismissed as cheap right-wing knockoffs. But before the debates, they were as fake as clips of Dana Perino being nice to orphans. Sure, our president hasn’t run that bar in four years, and the media still doesn’t care who did it. It’s not Kamala. She reads to kids, and their reading scores are dropping. The reason for this is awards porn. The media quickly learned that to win awards, you have to do nothing but denounce Trump, and they handed out Pulitzer Prizes for Russiagate exposes as if they were photos of Ozempic in the green room of “The View.” But you never win awards for denouncing Democrats. That would be like a vampire biting another vampire’s neck.

Meanwhile, the biggest Washington scandal of our time, our president, has been swept under the carpet for years. Instead, we’ve been treated to reams of coverage about climate change, police misconduct, diversity in the military, and gender. So why is the media suddenly feeding off Joe’s carcass like Nancy Pelosi on a hijacked blood truck? Because once the story escaped their electrified fence and ran free into the wild, it became a moneymaker.

Great Joe Biden has dementia The scandal is suddenly a mainstream issue, unlike the red soy meat the media usually feeds to its left-wing base. So now they’re not just covering their cases, they’re covering their mortgages. So while our top reporters were desperate to portray themselves as noble investigators, they’re also trying to make us believe that Democrats are heroic for going after Joe.


But you're not a hero when you get caught lying. That's why I had to give back all my BET awards. Suddenly the media, the Democrats, are all truth tellers. Even Jerry Nadler is questioning Joe's fitness, and he looks like a parade float with a slow leak. Let's not forget the other hoaxes: fake laptops, Russian collusion, good people. The media didn't see them as hoaxes because they made them up. Well, we didn't miss them. As the old adage goes, I'm the guy who does his job. You have to be the other guys.


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