Ghadar 2 Will Impact Dream Girl 2’s Earnings, Will Pathan’s Record Break, Know From Industry Insiders

Ghadar 2 has taken the box office by storm. This year, after Pathan, it is the second film to get a huge opening at the box office and has made its name at number nine in the list of best openings of all time. The film is making ninth record from the first day of its release. The film has earned 375.10 crore till the 11th day. This article by Urmila Kori on the huge success of Gadar 2…

Pathan’s record can be broken!

The film’s director Anil Sharma says that on the first day of Navratri in 2019, when I woke up after worshiping, Shaktiman, the writer of Gadar, came to meet me. You have worshipped, but I will give you prasad and tell the story of Ghadar 2. After listening to the story, I was convinced that the film will cross the 500 crore mark. Interestingly, due to the bumper opening of this film, the discussion started whether the film could break the record of the highest grossing Pathan film in Hindi cinema. Pathan’s collection in Hindi is 525 crores. Film analyst Komal Nahata says that the way Gadar 2 is doing is grossing. While the film is expected to break Pathan’s record, film distributor Raj Bansal says the real battle at the box office for Ghadar 2 begins here. Ghadar 2 will have to earn another Rs 150 crore to break Pathan’s record. It will not be easy to cross this number. People have seen the movies and some have re-watched them, so they won’t come back. Action movie passion and excitement. The real litmus test of the film will begin now if it continues to dwindle at the ticket window.

Will Dream Girl’s earnings be affected after Ghoomar?

On August 11, OMG was released along with Gadar at the ticket window. Ghadar 2 has far surpassed this film in terms of earnings. Abhishek Bachchan’s Ghoomar released the following week on August 18, but the film failed to make a splash at the ticket window and Ghadar 2 was the only one that saw the crowds at the theatres. Ayushmann Khurrana’s Dream Girl 2 released on August 25. going to happen Will this film survive the storm of Ghadar 2? Such discussion has started. Film distributor Raj Bansal is clear that the two have different audiences. The audience of Dream Girl 2 is not the audience of Ghadar. In that case Ghadar 2 won’t hurt Dream Girl 2, yes, if an action movie had been released it could have definitely happened that people would have preferred Ghadar 2 because people have emotions. movie. Otherwise, people will only like good content. Want to see and whatever. A good movie will do.

Single Screen Need Larger Than Life Cinema

Single screen theaters played a major role in the success of Ghadar 2. According to industry experts, 35 percent of a film’s total revenue comes from large multiplex theaters, while 65 percent comes from single theaters and medium theaters. After covid 1500 to 2000 theaters closed. Apart from this, the few single screen theaters that were left used to open for Diwali only, but with the release of Gadar 2, Diwali has become a reality for these theatres. Sharik Patel, associated with the film’s production company Zee Studios, says that many places have organized shows at 4.30 am and 1 am. This proves that for the audience, Ghadar 2 is nothing less than a celebration, which they want to be a part of. Talking about the single screen theatres, the film’s distributor Raj Bansal says that it was started by Pathan in January and has been revived by Gadar 2. I believe bollywood stopped making action and larger than life movies midway, so single screen theaters got into trouble, but now the industry understands the audience preference, then more movies will be made, which will benefit the industry. And both will be single screen.


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