Ghadar 2 Sunny Deol angry at fan who tried to take selfie with him Sunny Deol’s attitude changed as soon as Ghadar 2 became a hit, Tara Singh got angry with fans, according to users.

User feedback

Many users on the social media platform criticized his attitude while some called it a result of the success of the recently released film ‘Gadar-2’. One user wrote, “Watch Sunny Deol’s accent. ‘Don’t take photos’. People should stop chasing Bollywood actors. Leave them alone. It’s not worth wasting time or energy on them. After years a film is running, be a little humble.” However, some people also supported Sunny Deol. “Some are sharing videos of people getting angry at fans for taking selfies and some are saying ‘don’t touch me’,” wrote one user. Sunny Deol is right both times and has maintained his right to privacy. Since he’s polite, you can’t chase him for selfies, hugs and anything.”


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