Ghadar 2 – If not Jawan, then this film was the first entry in the 100 crore club, the name will shock you.

Currently, the craze of Indian films has increased a lot in the country as well as abroad. Apart from Hollywood movies, people are very eager to watch Bollywood movies. Many times it happens that films which flop in India, earn bumper overseas and become superhits. This is the main reason why most Bollywood movies are released worldwide. Recently many Indian movies like Pathan, Gadar 2, Jawan, Leo, Jailer have done good business outside India, but do you know which Hindi movie earned 100 crores outside India? The film did not have any big stars but it was a hit at the box office. The film was made on a modest budget of Rs 5 crore and starred Naseeruddin Shah, Shefali Shah, Vijay Raj, Rajat Kapoor, Soni Razdan, Tilotma Shome and Randeep Hooda in lead roles.

This Bollywood movie earned 100 crores

The first Indian film to gross 100 crores outside India was ‘Monsoon Wedding’, directed by renowned filmmaker Meera Nair. Released in 2001, ‘Monsoon Wedding’ was based on a Punjabi-Hindu family. The film received good global publicity at the time as American producers were also attached to the film.

Monsoon Wedding won many awards

Monsoon Wedding was released at a time when Indian cinema was going through a period of change. The film was praised by critics. Monsoon Wedding won the Golden Lion at the prestigious Venice International Film Festival and was nominated for awards such as BAFTA and Golden Globe in the Best Foreign Language Film category. Monsoon Wedding grossed over Rs 248 crore at the international box office. Monsoon Wedding premiered in the Marche du Film section of the 2001 Cannes Film Festival. A musical based on the film premiered on Broadway in April 2014. In 2017, Monsoon Wedding was named the 19th best romance of the 21st century by IndieWire.

What was the story of the movie Monsoon Wedding?

The central story of the film Monsoon Wedding deals with the institution of a grand wedding, which is to take place in a modern Indian family. Lalit Verma (Naseeruddin Shah) and his wife Pimmi (Lilet Dubey) have their daughter Aditi (Vasundhara Das) married to Hemant Rai (Parveen Dabas). Hemant is the son of a family friend who lives in Texas and Aditi has known him for a few weeks. As is often the case in Indian culture, such a marriage is one of only a few in each generation. Monsoon rains begin during the wedding, as Aditi and Hemant get married in a grand ceremony, while Dubey and Alice get married together in a simple ceremony and later celebrate with the Verma family. Rhea moves on from her past life, and is finally able to openly enjoy the festivities.

Pathan and Jawan earn big in 2023

Some Bollywood movies made huge profits in 2023. Where Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathan was released in January. The film broke all box office records and grossed over 1000 crores worldwide. This was followed by Sunny Deol’s Ghadar 2. The film has also created history by grossing more than 600 crores. Later in September came Shahrukh’s Jawan. This film too received a lot of love from the audience and also entered the 1000 crore club.


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