Ganapath Movie Review: Both the story and the treatment of this science fiction genre movie are very weak.

Movie – Ganpat A Hero Born

Nirmati-Pooja Films

Director – Vikas Bahl

Starring – Tiger Shroff, Kriti Sanon, Amitabh Bachchan, Gauahar Khan,


Rating- One and a half

The film Ganpat has been in the news ever since its announcement as it was said to be the first film in Hindi cinema to be a science fiction film based in a dystopian world. If you google the meaning of dystopian, you will realize that it is a place where there is injustice and suffering. This is what you will feel while watching the movie. You will feel cheated. The film which was called as a futuristic film, has not been able to do justice to today’s times. A very weak story and poor treatment make the movie a complete mess.

That is the rotten story

The story of the film begins with something like a great war taking place, which has caused terrible destruction and brought the whole world into one place, but that place has been divided into two parts, the rich and the poor. There is no bread to feed the poor. The rich are having fun in a world that looks like a 90s video game. Just dancing or watching ring fights. There is an iron wall between the rich and the poor. Dalpati (Amitabh Bachchan), the head of the poor, predicts that his grandson Ganpat (Tiger Shroff) will break the wall and free the poor. Let them get their due, but Ganapat in the form of Guddu is causing havoc in the world of the rich. He knows nothing about his grandfather and father. Guddu is sent to a poor slum by adding a fancy track to the screenplay. Where he also finds his identity and power. Can he give the poor their due? How does this all happen? This story follows.

Advantages and disadvantages of film

Talking about the quality of the movie, nothing was good except the action. The main base of any movie is the story, but here the story is completely pointless, so it has nothing to do in the end. So far he has not been able to connect with the film. Everything is a lie. You neither sympathize with the plight of the poor nor hate the rich. Logic is completely missing. What is the duration of the story? Even this is not considered necessary by the makers. The people of the poor colony accept Ganapat as their messiah and thus Ganapat realizes his past. This is even more stupid. His mother and grandfather died before he was born, so how can he accept them as his family after seeing the picture? This story is not understood. A couple of twists have been added in the film, but even these have not made this difficult film any less disturbing, as these twists are easily understood. The film has since been declared as a science fiction film. Its announcement.It was said, but the VFX of the movie is very weak. The world of Silvercity is like a 90s video game world. The songs and music of the film are also very weak. After Tiger’s entry, a song plays in the background. After some time he gets irritated. The film is very weak in other aspects including dialogues.

Due to the weak story, the performances of the actors were also weak.

Talking about the acting, Tiger Shroff has shown all emotions in this film along with action, dance and comedy, but all these aspects flourish only when the story and screenplay of the film is good. Kriti looks rough and tough in the movie, her effort is definitely good. Amitabh Bachchan is seen in a guest appearance. He should avoid playing such unimportant roles. Gauahar Khan is only glimpsed in some scenes. The rest of the characters were nothing special.


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