First Paddington trailer at the Photo Booth… uh, sorry, in Peru

“Little bear, big journey!” But before leaving, you have to get your passport photo…

Paddington changes director for his third opus, (Dougal Wilson succeeds Paul King, retained on Wonka), and Emily Mortimer replaces Sally Hawkins in the role of Mama Brown, but for the rest, this sequel seems to retain all the humor and family aspect of the first two very successful parts released in 2014 and 2017 in the cinema.

In this new episode, still mixing with a certain virtuosity live action and digital animation, Guillaume Gallienne returns to dubbing the teddy bear (just like Ben Whishaw in original version). Now that he has been well accepted in England, he wants to visit his aunt Lucy in Peru. Yes, but before leaving, you have to manage to take a decent shot at the photo booth! This is only the beginning of his (mis)adventures…

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Hugh Bonneville, Julie Walters, Imelda Staunton and Jim Broadbent return to the cast, Antonio Banderas and Olivia Colman arrive, and so the little family embarks on South America in search of Aunt Lucy, who has disappeared from the retired bears' home for go on a solo quest, in the middle of the Amazon jungle.

As usual, the cinematographic references are numerous (we still find a hint of Wes Anderson-style framing, an obvious nod to Indiana Jones…) and the team took care of the details. When Paddington receives his British passport, for example, we observe a small easter egg on Queen Elizabeth II, who made a funny video with Paddington during her Jubilee: since her disappearance and the arrival on the English throne of her son, King Charles III, it is logically he who appears on the stamp!

And where does the little bear take his famous ID photo? At Paddington Station, of course!

Patience now, because Paddington in Peru will not be released straight away: release planned from February 5, 2025 in cinemas.

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