Episode 7 of The Acolyte takes us back to The Phantom Menace and the “Vergence” in the Force

What is this story about the “convergence” of the Force, which could well shake up the concepts of Star Wars?

It's a term that fans of Star Wars heard 25 years ago, in The Phantom Menace. While introducing Anakin Skywalker to the Jedi Council, Qui-Gon Jinn explains to Windu, Yoda, and the others that the young boy not only has a high “midichlorian” count, but also that he felt a “vergence” in the Force when they met…

This concept of “convergence” of the Force resurfaces in episode 7 of The Acolyte. In “Choices”, we are told that if the Jedi were on the planet Brendok, 10 years ago, when they came across Mae and Osha, it was because they were investigating a “vergence” capable of literally creating life on this supposedly dead planet. Indara, Kelnacca, Torbin and Sol were tasked with understanding the phenomenon. But what exactly is a “vergence” in the Force?

In The Phantom MenaceQui-Gon Jinn describes Anakin Skywalker as the biological embodiment of a “vergence.” But elsewhere in the canon of Star Warsit's more of a place. Mortis was the ultimate “convergence” point of the Force, a place where various Force powers mixed and existed, seemingly outside of a tangible plane. The cavern on Dagobah is also thought to have been a “convergence” point of the Force, a place where light and dark mixed and was more focused on the Force. Ditto on the planet Wellspring of Life, where Yoda learned how to become a Force ghost in The Clone Wars. In other words, this “convergence” brings the Force to its climax.


We understand that, in The AcolyteMother Aniseya used this hyper-concentrated area of ​​the Force to create the twins Mae and Osha.”Their symbiotes are the same” we are told, which would mean that Mae and Osha share the same Force spirit, on a microscopic level.

By revealing that the Jedi are obsessed with finding “vergence,” The Acolyte also shows that during the High Republic, they were potentially looking for a source capable of giving life, or even creating life from nothing… A “game changer” in Star Wars ?

The end of The Acolyte will be available to watch next Wednesday on Disney Plus.


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