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Emraan Hashmi: Nowadays web series will be airing on Showtime Disney plus Hotstar platform. Actor Emraan Hashmi is playing an important role in this drama series which shows the dynasties and power games in Bollywood. Karan Johar's production company Dharmatics is associated with the production of the series. Imran cites the world built around Bollywood and its gritty characters as the main reason for joining the series. A conversation with Urmila Kori.

After three years of Bard of Blood you joined the web series, what was the reason for this gap?

If I get a good chance, I would like to do 3 to 4 shows a year. Everything takes time and films also have schedules, so it all depends on opportunities and whatever script comes to me keeping in mind, then I choose. I got offers on OTT but they were not interesting or out of the box. I loved this world when I was offered this show. I myself am a part of it. Audiences have always been attracted to the world of Bollywood. It has a magnetic quality to it. Cricket and Bollywood are religions for our audience, it has a lot of content. Which can be shown in different ways.

Imran Hashmi

Coming from a filmy family yourself, how much do you have in common with the world of the show?

I come from the film industry, but there was no film environment in my family, my grandmother who was an actress had left the film industry when I was born. He must have done some of his last films when I was in school. She played the role of Sanjay Dutt's mother in 'Naam'. Those were the last few films so I didn't go on sets growing up. Sometimes I would go to the sets and realize that there are good people and bad people in our industry. This is the biggest eye opener. You have to work hard and learn new things from every film. When you think you've mastered the art and suddenly realize you don't know your job, you learn a lot from your work.

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Imran Hashmi

Is nepotism prevalent in the business world?

Let me tell you that I started off as a supporting actor in Footpath. I didn't have any big launch, but yes, any kid out there had to wait for years to get that opportunity. In every industry there is nepotism, everywhere only the near and dear ones are given a chance, but here talent is also given a chance. If you have the talent, you will definitely get a job here even if you are an outsider.

You can't handle criticism well on the show, how do you deal with it in your personal life?

You've definitely been hurt by some criticism, especially where it comes from or what stage you're at in your career. When I first entered the industry, these things influenced me a lot for the first five years. Movie reviews and criticism, especially when they get personal. It's sad when they talk less about your art and more about your personal life, but now I know how to handle it.

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Imran Hashmi

The struggle of the outsider is often discussed in the industry, what about the struggle of the insider?

I think every business has its own hurdles that everyone has to contend with. I can't say I'm special and I'm the only one who has faced difficulties. Everyone faces this in life, be it internal or external. I have been in this industry for the last 20 years and I have seen a lot of ups and downs. You will encounter success, but also struggle to maintain and sustain it. Then there's the flip side, when you see failure and worry about whether you'll get the next film. However, I am lucky in this regard that even though my films did not work, some producer gave me a chance and believed in my talent.

Your image in the industry is that of a safe actor, what would you say?

If an actor says he is very secure as an actor, he is lying. No matter how hard an actor puts in his films, there is always a fear that the audience will accept him or not. It is not in our hands so this insecurity remains. (Laughs) Yes, I'm not as vulnerable as some actors I've worked with. Well, insecurity is also a quality or rather a personality flaw.

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Imran Hashmi

Your marriage is considered ideal in the industry, what is the mantra of your successful married life?

Every marriage has fights, not all is well in any marriage. You have to keep working on it if you intend to keep it up. The oath we took is still strong with us. 'There is no mantra I can give, but yes if you respect each other and have clarity in your life about how you want to live it, then be true and honest. Your vision may not match but you have to work, you can't let it go.

Will you play a villain in a South film?

No, I am not playing a villain in a southern film with Pawan Kalyan. This is a parallel front. I read in many places that I will be a villain but I am not.

Is your son growing up interested in movies?

He is currently doing well in chess. I can't tell the future, but yes he likes watching movies and talking about them.

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