Emotional Taylor Swift REVEALS the END of Eras Tour on her 100th SPEECH

A Milestone Celebration: The 100th Show of the Tour

Emotional Taylor Swift REVEALS the END of Eras Tour on her 100th SPEECH: “Oh good, you know, this is the 100th show of the tour. Absolutely! That blows my mind. That doesn’t feel like a real statistic to me because this has been the most exhausting, all-encompassing, but most joyful, rewarding, and wonderful thing that has ever happened in my life.”

A Journey of Joy

“This tour, these moments with you, have been incredible. I think a lot of people ask, ‘How are you going to celebrate the 100th show?’ For me, celebrating the 100th show means acknowledging and admitting that this tour will end in December. That feels so far away, yet we just played our first show because you have made this so much fun for us.”

Touring: A New Way of Life

Taylor Swift Said – “This tour has become my entire life. It has taken over everything. I think I once had hobbies, but I don’t know what they were anymore. All I do when I’m not on stage is sit at home, try to think of clever acoustic song mashups and think about what you might want to hear. Even when I’m not on the stage, I’m dreaming about being back on stage with you.”

Appreciation for Fans

“You have done so much to be with us. You made plans far in advance, planned what you were going to wear, memorized lyrics, got yourselves here, figured out parking, and figured out transportation. I want to spend this 100th show just thinking about that and living in this moment with you. Just know that I appreciate every single ounce of effort that you put into being with us when this tour reaches triple digits of shows. So, thank you!”

One Last Song

“And there is one more song that I’d love to play with you if you happen to have about 10 minutes to spare.”

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