Disney + is preparing a Vice-Versa series for next spring

Pete Docter announces that the dream world will be explored further.

While Vice-Versa 2 starts (very) strong at the American box officethe boss of Pixar, Pete Docterconfirms to Entertainment Weekly the launch of a series derived from his film released in 2015 in theaters. We should find a very specific part of young Riley's brain there: where her dreams are made.

“We finished, he explains, enthusiastically. The series should be broadcast next spring. I'm not sure we've already set the exact date? But remember the area of ​​Riley's brain where her dreams are made? In Vice versa, how this place works is barely explained, we just understand why they are all so weird. We want to continue to explore the world of dreams and their power: how they affect our waking lives. It’s a very cool concept.”

Also admitting that the firm “still looking for yourself” about streaming (“It's a bit like the Wild West, everyone is wondering what works these days. What do people like? With streaming, we're always racking our brains to find what will please our audience…”), he confirms that Vice-Versa 2 will not be offered on Disney+ for a minimum of 100 days in theaters. “We hope that people will say to themselves: 'I have to go see this one in theaters.'

A way of saying that everyone at Pixar understands the mistakes of the past? Of Buzz Lightning has Elementary Passing by Luca, Red Alerte and Drunkthe studio's recent releases have been either battered at the box officeor offered directly in streaming and not on the big screen first.

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Could there also soon be new series dedicated to the heroes of Monsters and co.After Monsters at Work ? Or to those of Incredibles or Nemo's world, For example ?

“The ocean is vast, replies Docter without clearly announcing an animated show derived from the films. We could explore other areas, of course. However, this is not the question at the heart of Nemo. What drives us is to ask ourselves what our films are really about. The problem at the heart of Nemo, it's education: how can I raise my child, protect him while letting him live his life? It's a dilemma that has no perfect answer. That's exactly what we're looking for, life's big questions. We can put all the spectacle we want into it, as long as we haven't found that… As the author of Dumbo : 'What are you offering the audience to take home?'”


Pete Docter finally explains, about the superhero family imagined by Brad Bird which could potentially inspire a TV series:

“It's a very entertaining world. With John Lasseter, they've created something really cool and original to talk about family, from the commute to school to social life to superpowers, of course. We feel like we could still have fun with all of this.”

At our place, Vice-Versa 2 comes out this Wednesday in cinemas. Here is its trailer:

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