Dhak Dhak Movie Review: Dhak Dhak, a story of self-discovery through a road trip, is heartwarming.

Movie- Dhak Dhak

Director: Tarun Dudeja

Producer – Taapsee Pannu and others

Starring: Fatima Sana Shaikh, Sanjana Sanghi, Dia Mirza, Ratna Pathak Shah and others

Platform- Cinema Theatre

Rating- Three

In Hindi cinema, the issue of women’s empowerment has been powerfully presented in the name of road trip in movies like Highway, Piku, Queen. His next installment is the film Dhak Dhak, which deals with discrimination against women in the workplace. the house is There is also talk of breaking the shackles of one’s life and dreams, with the sound of the bike making the voice louder. It’s a well-intentioned film that, despite its flaws, is heartwarming.

A story of self-discovery through a road trip

The story of the film revolves around Sky (Fatima Sana Shaikh), a YouTuber and biker by profession, but her nude photo that went viral on social media has become her identity. Which has ruined his personal and professional life. She wants a new identity, she wants to be part of the world famous Barcelona race, but she can only get sponsorship if she can get a video on her YouTube that also has a story. His search for the story takes him to Manjeet Kaur (Ratna Pathak), who is over 60 years old. At this age, she not only rides a bike, but also dreams of traveling by bike to Khardungla, a pilgrimage site famous for bikes. She asked Akash for help. Akash sees a story in it, which she needs. Uzma (Dia Mirza) and Manjari (Sanjana) also become a part of this road trip. He has his own complaints about life and his loved ones. All four set out to reach the summit of Khardungla in seven days. Will this journey be completed in seven days?, Will he be able to reach his destination? This movie answers all the questions whether the destination or the route is important.

Strengths and weaknesses of the script

The film is about women empowerment, but the treatment of the film is very light. The film is full of lighthearted moments, but it also brings up serious issues. The film is the story of four women of different ages and backgrounds. Whose dreams, desires and weaknesses are so well portrayed. It also teaches many important lessons related to life. It is a female dominated film, but not all male characters are portrayed negatively here. Be it the character of a foreign traveler, a restaurant manager or a truck driver, everyone is seen helping these women in the story. Technically speaking, this is a road trip film and cinematography plays an important role in such films and it shows in this film as well. Beautiful locations make the movie experience special. The USP of the film is its cinematography. The dialogues of the film are well done, which not only tickle but also teach great lessons on several occasions. Talking about shortcomings, it is a road trip story but the problems related to it have less space in the story. Shashi Kumari Yadav’s journey to becoming Akash had to be given a bit of attention, that’s all that was mentioned. Once in the movie and then nothing happened. There was always talk about boyfriend but no mention of family members. Skye’s change of heart needs to be shown in a less effective way. In which she returns from Delhi to Leh Hospital. After holding the medicine packet, the women fight over the issue of payment, but the next moment Dia Mirza’s character is seen paying. It also sounds strange.The song of the film is based on the musical story.

Strong performance by Ratna Pathak Shah

Talking about the acting, Ratna Pathak Shah is in the lead in this story of four actresses. Throughout the film, his character laughs, tickles and even gets emotional at times. The film stands on the strong shoulders of his acting. It will not be wrong to say that. Fatima Sana Shaikh gives good support. Dia Mirza also gives a good performance, Sanjana Sanghi tries to capture the language of the character, but she doesn’t succeed.


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