Demi Moore at Taylor Sheridan: Landman series coming to Paramount +

The first images of this modern “Dallas” in the heart of the world of Texas oil derricks.

The co-creators of Yellowstone, Taylor Sheridan And Christian Wallaceare embarking on a new drama set in the American Midwest. Landman is coming to Paramount+ and will this time take place in Texas, in the heart of the famous “blooming cities” of the west of the State with the star.


Landman will be a modern-day tale of a quest for fortune in the world of oil rigs. Inspired by the 11-episode podcast “Boomtown,” from Imperative Entertainment and Texas Monthly, the series tells “The parallel story of workers and billionaires who will participate in a revolution so important that it will change our climate, our economy and our geopolitics.”

The casting is very promising: Billy Bob Thornton will be the star, surrounded by Ali Larter, Michelle Randolph, Jacob Lofland and Demi Moore as well as Jon HammAndy Garcia and Michael Peña as guest stars.

Landman will be released in November on Paramount+.


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