Dead puppies found dumped off Acton highway in bags, barrels – NBC Los Angeles

Community members in Acton who volunteered to clean up illegally dumped trash have made grim discoveries along a stretch of highway when they found dead puppies discarded in bags, buckets and even buckets.

Volunteers with the Acton Illegal Dumping Task Force are an edge after they’ve made several discoveries of the deceased dogs. According to them, they’ve found the puppies at a particular spot off of Sierra Highway.

“A lot of times, they are in bags and in 5-gallon buckets,” said Tammie Necessary, a volunteer. “… These buckets are full of water and it looks like they drowned the puppies in the water.”

The puppies found in the buckets were discovered two weeks ago. Just last week, more dead puppies were found; this time in pink plastic bags in the same area. On Friday, another plastic bag containing dead puppies was found in the same area.

Those who’ve come across the disturbing finds believe the same person is behind the grim disposal. The Acton Illegal Dumping Task Force contacted sheriff’s deputies about the dumping but were told there was little law enforcement could do.

“There is not a lot they can do because there is not a lot of identifying marks,” Necessary said. “No one saw them do it nobody got a license plate number off a vehicle, so they have nothing to go on.”

Some Acton residents believe the dead puppies may be tied to signs posted locally advertising AKC German shepherd puppies for sale.

“You see some of the signs around and it just kind of makes you wonder exactly what is going on,” said Ariel Johnson, who found a German shepherd dumped near her home.

The group hopes raising awareness of the dumping will pressure the culprit to stop.

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