Bollywood actress Avni Modi will come to Ranchi today, will participate in this program, said- try Jharkhandi food first…

Bollywood actress Avni Modi He will be in Ranchi on Sunday with the people of Ranchi. Avni is coming directly from Mumbai to Ranchi to participate in the Fashion Point exhibition organized at Hotel Capital Hill from today. This is Dhoni’s second visit to the city of Ranchi, which he is very excited about. Avni is one of the famous actresses in Bollywood. Who did Bollywood films like Modi Ji Ki Beti and Calendar Girls. He has also done Tamil, Telugu and Gujarati films. Also acted in international short film Gulab. The film also won an award at the Canada International Film Festival. Avni has also modeled in several commercials. Along with this, he has also worked in many serials of GTV and Sony TV. Avni is a resident of Gujarat. He told Prabhat Khabar.

Coming to Ranchi for the second time

Avni Modi said that this is her second visit to Ranchi. It feels good that people are concerned with fashion even in a city like Ranchi. Young designers are coming to the exhibition here. With which the actress is also coming here. Earlier I had come to Ranchi 12 years ago. He said that he has heard a lot about Ranchi. Dhoni has made Ranchi famous all over the world. At this time, Jharkhandi dishes are to be tasted first. After that we will go on a full tour of Ranchi.

Big talent comes out of small towns

She said that she too is a resident of a small town. It is true that exposure platforms are not available in small towns. Started career from theatre. She used to do theater in college. Avni believes that a lot can be learned with the help of social media. Social media is also a platform for your talent. Great talent emerges from small towns.

Prime Minister Modi appreciated the movie ‘Modi Ji Ki Beti’

Avni informed that her Hindi film Modi Ji Ki Beti will release in 2022. They believe that every girl of the country is Modiji’s daughter. It is good that Prime Minister Narendra Modi appreciated the film. Being a Gujarati girl I am very proud of Modiji. He said that the youth should complete their education first. Don’t run away from home and set out to make your mark. If you come to Mumbai city, get ready.


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