Bigg Boss 17 set is the most expensive set till date… Omung Kumar shares many more stories

The new season of Bigg Boss is here. Like every time, this time too he has emerged as an important figure. What is special in the house this time? The art director of the show Omung Kumar shares the highlights of the conversation with Urmila Kori on the challenges and peculiarities of home building and many other aspects….

What is the specialty of this season of Bigg Boss?

Till now we have built big sets only in movies. Such a grand set will be seen for the first time in a reality show. You will see everything in European style. This time the concept has changed, we have completely changed what we had done for so many years. We’ve brought the outside in, what if the outside building comes in? Someone is peeping through every window. There will be more gossip if something is happening in each room. Every room you enter sees something different. The kitchen was always normal but we have converted it into a cafeteria. Every room has a dining area, so obviously that will add to the problem.

Are you given a theme every year?

No, as soon as a season ends. Another work begins. When building a house, creative people then create a theme. This season, his concept is Dil Manghai Hai Dum Hai and it fits perfectly.

How much has the household budget increased this time?

This season’s budget is higher than last time, as the entire look has changed.

Everything seems to be happening in the Bigg Boss house this time, usually there was a place that put mental pressure on the contestants, is it missing this season?

He is going to take over Bigg Boss. How he plays with everyone’s mind. Everyone knows this. You will surely find room for punishment in this beautiful house too. By the way, I would like to say that this season also has a dark room and two bathrooms. Which will bring a twist in the story.

What is Salman Khan’s reaction to Bigg Boss house?

They always feel good. He says how can he be surprised now?

What will be the highlight of this season?

Last season, I highlighted the corner where the alphabet was placed. This time where there is room to sit. We have placed a stone there. I think people will like it a lot. There’s also an archive room this season, where you can go and find out about everybody, who’s saying what, you can go in there and find everything, but he won’t have access. You need to earn points to get there like this. Only if you do something good this season will you get the Bar M Meditation Room.

What was your inspiration for the European-style Bigg Boss house?

My wife Vanita was my inspiration. She is also the creative of the show. This time why she didn’t come up with a fantasy world, she told how it would be created if she did. This is how I did it.

The Bigg Boss house look that became so popular and people asked you to make theirs look like this?

This happens almost every season. People say Vanita. Where did you get this from? How it was made. We make most things by hand, so when we get a call, can you make a copy and give it to us? How many years ago we painted Bhugo Villa in Bigg Boss house. Who knows how many houses and villas were painted after that.

What was the biggest challenge in building the Bigg Boss house this time?

The biggest challenge was making the living room. Hitherto the height of the living room was low, this time the height has tripled, so we had to work accordingly. We have never done so much work in the Bigg Boss house before. The work was not finished, went up and put up the awning, then put the light in it and then look at the camera in it. It was not easy to do it all on fiber and glass. This time you will see printed rugs all over the floor. It wasn’t easy to install either.

Do you watch every season of Bigg Boss?

Yes, I see, Siddharth is definitely my favorite contestant of all time. Also Shalin Bhanot because he is a very good friend of mine.

Would you ever like to be a part of Bigg Boss?

I don’t think I ever will. It is okay to come and go for a day. By the way, if I come to the house, it will be like my house, hey, don’t break it, don’t hold it. I will continue to do all this.

How did you feel when Salman Khan himself came into the house and cleaned the house?

That was a big deal. I feel very bad if the house gets dirty or something breaks. I call Creative Tushar at night and inform him that there is a band playing in my house. Please go there and tell them not to break things. How much trash is kept in the bathroom? I feel very sad too. Do you keep your house like this? Creative’s Tushar says he gets the content from him.

What are you doing directions?

My film will start in March-April, it will be shot in London.

You are coming to direction after a gap of four years, is there any special reason for taking such a long gap?

It’s been two years of covid. By the way, I want to tell you that I have written 19 films, which will come one after the other. This year itself, two-three films of mine will go on the shooting floor.


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