Bigg Boss 17: Munawar Farooqui kept distance from Mannar for this reason, Samarth attacked Abhishek by throwing a chair

Bigg Boss 17 has grabbed everyone’s attention. In just two weeks, the show has entertained a lot and is trending on social media almost daily. The contestants of this show are very much liked by the fans. Munawar Farooqui has also entered the Bigg Boss 17 house this year and is doing brilliantly. He has also emerged as the mastermind of the season along with Vicky Jain. Munavwar is playing smart and many guests on the show have also said so. Munavwar has been close to Mannara Chopra since day one. Both are favorites of Bigg Boss and are often called to the confession room. Relationships in the Bigg Boss house are facing many ups and downs due to the ever-changing situation in the show. In today’s episode, popular celebrity couple Neil Bhatt-Aishwarya Sharma and Ankita Lokhande-Vicky Jain got into a heated argument during a fun chat. A fight was also seen between Samarth and Abhishek.

Funny things happened between Munawwar and Mannara

Munnavar and Munnara’s funny sayings and moments won hearts and people started calling them #Munnara. The family members also started talking about Munavwar’s love for Mannar. It became a big news in entertainment news. However, Munavwar has kept his distance from Mannara Chopra for a few days now. Mannara is also worried about this, as she used to feel happy when Munavwar explained things to her.

Munawwar revealed why he distanced himself from Mannar

Bigg Boss calls Munnavar and Mannara to the confession room, where Munnavar says that Mannara and Vicky are ahead of him in the game. Mannara said that Munawwar is lost somewhere. Munawwar admits why we are away from Mannar. He revealed that family members were associating his name with Mannar, so he decided to stay away. However, he said he now knows how to maintain a relationship without crossing the line. After coming out of the confession room, Mannara Chopra asks Munavwar about his life outside. She reveals who she has been with for the past two years and he is still with her. He said that he got married to someone in 2017 and this marriage lasted till 2020

Munawwar spoke about his marriage and son

She got divorced last year and the best thing in her life right now is her 5 year old son. Munawwar revealed that his son now lives with him. He said he is a different person when it comes to work and he knows his son watches over him. He also said that his son watches his songs and everything he posts. He admitted that his first wife is now married to someone, so his son now lives with him. He said, “I have become so close to him in the last 4-5 months that the affection knows no bounds. He is very intelligent.”

Samarth and Abhishek fight

While talking to Esha Malviya, Abhishek Kumar questions her about her relationship with Samarth Jurel and asks how they started dating. Samarth Jurel overhears Isha and Abhishek’s partial conversation and leaves. Later, Isha confesses to Samarth that she felt bad when Abhishek taunted her to move on in two months and questioned his behavior. Seeing Isha upset, Samarth lost his patience and started a heated argument with Abhishek. She criticizes Abhishek for taunting Isha for being forward and aggressive towards women. The war of words between Samarth and Abhishek escalates when they both start abusing each other.


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