Big accusation against Anupama

Anupama: Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna starrer Anupama is a high-voltage drama. Baa and Vanraj have reached America. Vanraj came to know the reality of Toshu. On the other hand, Toshu will take a big step to return his money to the goons. Anuj gives Toshu a huge responsibility and in the process he does something that no one had thought of. The makers are gearing up to bring a big twist.

Upcoming episode of Anupama
The upcoming episode of Anupama will show the goons kidnapping Kinjal and Toshu's daughter Pari. Toshu asks them not to hurt his daughter. The goons give him 30 minutes and ask him to pay. Toshu remembered his past with Pari. He sees expensive jewelry and decides to steal it. He remembers Ron's threat. He steals the diamond and hides it in Anupama's bag.

Toshu puts the diamond in Anupama's bag.
Anupama sees Toshu putting something in his bag and asks him. Toshu tells Anupama that he was hungry and so he came to her stall. Anupama feeds food to Toshu. Toshu has tears in his eyes. Anupama apologizes to Paritosh for suspecting her. She feels proud that Paritosh is working hard. Toshu thinks that Anupama's bag will not come within the range of the scanner, so he hides the diamond. But the alarm starts ringing.

Anupama: Yashdeep broke his silence on his friendship with Anupama in the serial, said- anything will change in their relationship…

Anupama will be arrested
USA Police asked all event attendees to gather with their bags and belongings. The police informs them about the diamond theft. Anupama thinks that she gave Anuj the responsibility of security. Anuj assured the owner of the diamond that he would find the diamond. Officers check Anupama's bag and find a diamond in it. The authorities order Anupama to be arrested.

Adhya is not aware of this
On the other hand, Aadhya makes a video call to Anuj from India. She says that Shruti's condition has worsened and she should come to India as soon as possible. Anuj calms him down. Meanwhile, Anuj decides to stay in America as Anupama is stuck. What will Adhya do if he finds out? If Adhya finds out that he is not coming to Shruti's rescue even though she is very sad and unconscious.

Anupama: Once again Guru Maa will make Anupama's life difficult, Anuj will create a drama by drinking alcohol! Big twists are coming in the show


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