Bhojpuri Films: Yash Kumar starts shooting for family film 'Damad Ji Kare Par Hain 2'

Bhojpuri Films : Bhojpuri has been creating its own distinct identity in family films for some time now. Bhojpuri favorite star Yash Kumar starrer 'Damad Ji Kareen Par Hain' after huge success is now gearing up for its sequel 'Damad Ji Kareen Par Hain 2'. Its shooting has started. Yash Kumar will also be seen in the lead role in the sequel.

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In 2021, the movie 'Damad Ji Kareen Par Hain' was released under the direction of Ajay Srivastava. It starred Yash Kumar in the role of an innocent village boy who marries an elite and spoiled city girl under a contract marriage. This movie was appreciated by the audience. Now there are many twists and turns in this plot. Taking its story forward, its sequel is now being brought out, the shooting of which has just been completed. This time too, Ajay Srivastava is directing this film under the banner of Yash Kumar Entertainment. It is produced by Nidhi Mishra.

Yash Kumar makes films out of the box

Regarding his new film 'Damad Ji Kareen Par Hain 2', Yash Kumar says that this time too we will see a strong story and this is our identity. It is fully hoped that the audience will like this sequel film as much. Regarding his role in the film, Yash says that right from the beginning, I have been keeping in mind the quality of entertainment for my audience and will continue to strive for the same in the future. Currently, the entire focus is on the shooting of the film. Yash also insists that he is more concerned about enriching the Bhojpuri film industry than the film industry. He makes films out of the box with this in mind.

This movie is decorated with many good actors

According to producer Nidhi Mishra and PRO Ranjan Sinha, this is a completely family film, which everyone can enjoy together. Apart from Yash Kumar, many other good actors have been included in it. Starring Sapna Chauhan, Amit Shukla, Yoganth Pandey, Sujith Bhatt, Vienna Dadwani, Pankaj Mehta, Mamta Verma, Ragini Dubey Poonam Verma and Dhananjay Singh.

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