Bandits, Bandits: the brilliant trailer for Taika Waititi's remake

Apple TV+'s TV series will be reviving Terry Gilliam's 1981 classic.

It is a little-known and yet absolutely delightful fantasy comedy: in 1981, the ex-Monty Python signed Bandits, bandits starring Sean Connery and John Cleese. Forty years later, Taika Waititi is directing a television remake for the Apple TV+ platform. Co-created with Jemaine Clement And Iain Morristhis series Bandits, bandits (Or Time Bandits in the original version) comes as an adaptation that explores the concept a little further.


We will still find Kevin, 11, propelled into an unpredictable journey through space-time with a group of thieves. Together, they undertake an exciting quest to save Kevin's parents and the world… The trailer that Apple has just unveiled shows the old Friends, Lisa Kudrowwho will play the eccentric leader of this team of bandits, “as evil forces threaten their quests, and life as they know it. As they travel through space and time, the group discovers fascinating worlds of the past while searching for treasure, depending on Kevin to shed light on each situation. Along the way, these time bandits witness the creation of Stonehenge, see the Trojan Horse in action, escape from dinosaurs, wreak havoc in medieval times, and experience the Ice Age, ancient civilizations, and the Harlem Renaissance.”

In the casting, Taika Waititi will play the Almighty while Jemaine Clement will embody the leader of Evil.

Composed of 10 episodes, Bandits, bandits will launch its first two episodes on Wednesday, July 24, followed by two new episodes every Wednesday until August 21, 2024.


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