Anupama will remarry Anuj

Anupama: Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer television show Anupama has managed to keep the audience glued to their television screens. Anu and Anuj's relationship problems have definitely caught the attention of the audience. Vanraj has already reached America with Ba. He taunts Anu about her relationship with Yashdeep. Anu can't stand all this and asks him not to interfere in her life. Anuj, on the other hand, is torn between his responsibilities to Shruti and his feelings for Anu. Amidst all this, a video of Rupali Ganguly has recently surfaced, suggesting the possibility of Anu getting married once again.

Anupama and Anuj are going to get married again
Rupali Ganguly is very active on social media. He has millions of followers, who are eager to catch a glimpse of him. She often posts videos related to her sets and personal life. In fact he likes to make videos on trending songs. One such video has gone viral recently. In the video, Rupali expresses her love for the most famous street food of Maharashtra, Vada Pava.

Anupama was seen wearing vermilion on demand
Although this video is funny, what caught everyone's attention was Rupali's look. In the video, Rupali is seen wearing Anupama's old saree, which she wore when she married Anuj. Apart from this, Rupali was seen wearing vermilion. These two things give a big hint that Rupali's character might get married in the upcoming episode of Anupama.

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About Anupama
As for Anupama, Anu is tired of being repeatedly hurt by her family. She shares her feelings with Biji and says that she is tired of taking the blame for everything over and over again. So he decided to break up with everyone and focus on his career. On the other hand, Anuj is feeling very uncomfortable with the growing bond between Anu and Yashdeep. It will be interesting to see whether Anu will marry Yashdeep or the makers have planned a different twist for the show.

Anupama is the most favorite show of TV audience. Rupali Ganguly is now a household name. Gaurav Khanna plays the role of Anuj Kapadia and the show has gained him a lot of popularity. Rupali and Gaurav's chemistry has kept the audience hooked on the show. However, Anuj and Anupama are no longer together. Now Anuj is married to Shruti. In a recent episode, we saw that Anuj Kapadia told Shruti that her parents had died in a plane crash, leaving her devastated.

Anuj and Anupama will be romantic
Anuj and Anupama try their best to console her, but of course she is completely heartbroken. In the same episode, we saw Anuj hugging Anupama as he realized that Kanta Maa is no more. This moment touched the hearts of the audience and they appreciated their love and chemistry. In the upcoming episode we will see that Anupama will reach Anuj Kapadia's house and Aadhya will be angry with him. She asks Anupama to leave the house and Anuj apologizes to her.

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